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S.O.S: “Help Somalia Cause You Can”!!!

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By now I think that we’ve all seen the devastating images coming out of Somalia and if you are one of those people sitting at home thinking “what can I do to help?” here’s a way you and I can both lend a helping hand!

With so many natural disasters happening in the world recently, there is usually little we can do to prevent an‘ACT OF GOD’ as some would call it. However there are those disasters that may not be preventable but solutions are surely available.

One such cause has been the brain child of Gabi Ndebele a journalist in Johannesburg who roped her friends in when she seen she was able to do something about a cause right here on African Soil.

Somalia’s aid crisis has dominated news headlines for the last few weeks and we’ve seen pictures of children dying hungry with skeletal bodies and no one being able to help, this struck a particular cord with Gabi Ndebele.


Having started a cause where Gabi’s friends and family started donating tinned canned food, Gabi got her friends,Farah Fortune (Owner of African Star Communications), Sunshine Shibambo (Owner:Pocket of Sunshine Events) and Trudy Mackay (Owner; Capellos Greenside) involved as soon as she seen a difference could actually be made and needed help in doing so.

The cause they’ve started named “Help Somalia cause you can” involves an initiative that sees the ‘Gift of the Givers’ charity aligned with helping collect tinned canned foods that are dropped off fort he cause. The aim of the campaign is to donate one can of food per person per household as opposed to donating money or fresh food which would perish by the time it reached its intended destination.

A number of celebrities have been approached by the team to put together a small concert with performances donated by these celebrities to encourage people to donate as many cans of food as possible. Gift of the givers will have a van at the concert to collect thecans. Dates for this initiative to be released shortly.

However should you want to donate cans already, any “Gift of the givers” nationally are willing to takecans. The Seventeen magazine offices in Cape Town have donated space to keep the cans, African Mirror Salon at The Pavillion Mall have also donated theirs ervices in Durban. Cans can also be dropped off at Capellos in Greenside.Johannesburg.

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This is one cause worth lending a helping hand to.

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