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T.G.I.F Y’all!


I got wind of this from my Executive Producer yesterday while we were in the studios, taping the 2011 Afrotainment Museke Music Awards Nominations special.

Tyler Perry is looking to launch his own television channel, tentatively “Tyler TV” a la Oprah Winfrey style, OWN Channel. Most of you know that Tyler Perry is the first African-American to own a major film and TV studio in the U.S.A.

I immediately thought of how Tyler Perry came to be. It wasn’t easy….

Tyler grew out of a troubled home, where he suffered random, violent beatings from his dad, Emmitt Perry Sr., in a poor neighborhood in New Orleans, Louisiana.

In 1991, he moved to Atlanta, Georgia, where he worked as a bill collector but a regular job was not a passion. So Tyler eventually scraped together enough money to rent a small theatre and stage a theatrical play. Only 30 people showed up to see the play. Talk about flopping big time! For the next several years, he struggled. Tyler was often broke. And sometimes lived in his car. That struck me. Tyler Perry, the man we see today, successful, prosperous, in control…at one point in his life lived in his car because he could not afford a place to live.

Yet, despite, the seemingly insurmountable obstacles, Tyler refused to give up.

Today, Tyler Perry‘s movies have grossed nearly $400 million and he’s developed a loyal following. He also demands not only creative control but also ownership of the finished product of his work. Now that is #WINNING!

According to The New York Times:

Lionsgate & Tyler Perry are forming a new venture called “Tyler TV”, according to an industry official briefed on the matter who requested anonymity because the plans are private.

“Tyler TV”, which is still a working title, is intended as a home base for the prolific Mr. Perry.

The partners will initially stock the channel with reruns of Mr. Perry’s sitcoms and movies, including the popular Madea series, in which he appears in drag as the title character, a gun-toting grandmother. They also plan to buy third-party content that meshes with Mr. Perry’s Christianity-tinged brand.

Lionsgate and Mr. Perry are exploring three routes for distribution, according to the official briefed on the matter. One involves rebranding all or part of the TV Guide Network, which is available to about 80 million homes. Lionsgate owns 50 percent of that channel; One Equity Partners controls the rest.

Lionsgate and Mr. Perry also could buy a small cable channel that has a complementary audience — the Gospel Broadcasting Network comes to mind — and move to rebrand and expand it. Another option involves Comcast, which extracted approval from government regulators for its recent takeover of NBC Universal by committing to provide more minority-run programming.




Source: CNN & The New York Times


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