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Vote “54 Kingdoms” as Philanthropic Small Business of the Year!

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Hi Honey’s!


Help us get our friends, 54Kingdoms win the Philanthropic Small Business of the Year Award!

54 Kingdoms is a clothing company owned by two young Ghanaian revolutionaries, Mr. Kwaku Awuah and Mr. Nana Poku, consistently and fully representing both Africa and the entire African Diaspora. As a Pan-African, identity conscious Fashion Line, 54 Kingdoms is a dynamically growing force in the industry that merges both purpose and pleasure, or as they put it, “Identity through Fashion.”

Nana & Kwaku

Their Built for Haiti Campaign was a selfless and ongoing endeavor to promote the revitalization of Haiti after the tremendous earthquake that rocked the small island. The campaign was an umbrella initiative with various individuals and organizations including:  54 Kingdoms, Addicted to African & Caribbean Magazine (ATAC Mag) and EDEYO Foundation, who work on the grassroots level to stabilize Haiti and more particularly to rebuild a primary school, Joyous Heart School in Bel Air, Port-Au-Prince. After a wonderful 6-month campaign, 54 Kingdoms traveled in person to Haiti to spend time with the students at Joyous Heart School and adequately deliver funds raised.

A few months ago, the Stay Classy Awards committee nominated 54 Kingdoms for their 3rd Annual Classy Awards, Philanthropic Small Business of the Year category. The Classy Award is the largest Philanthropic Awards Ceremony in the United States. After going through the first round successfully, the company’s  Built for Haiti Campaign & initiative made the Top 25 finalist in the second round.

As the only AFRICAN [whoot! whoot! whoot!] owned business in their category (Philanthropic Small Business of the Year), 54 Kingdoms is determined to make Africa proud. They are hoping Africa will answer to the call of history and cast their votes; July 25 – August 26, 2011.

Please visit, scroll down to Business Categories, click on Philanthropic Small Business of the Year, vote 54 Kingdoms and submit your ballot

The Classy Awards is scheduled to take place on Saturday, September 17, 2011 at the San Diego Civic Theater, San Diego, California.

For more information on 54 Kingdoms, please visit THEM HERE!


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