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REAL EMCEE’S STAND UP: “Hip Hop In Zimbabwe” A Mini Documentary [VIDEO]

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Happy Sunday!


This made my heart smile. I hope it makes your heart smile too. The talent from Zimbabwe is simply mind-blowing! Underground hip-hop taking place in Zimbabwe. They sound just as good if not better [dare I say it] than some American rap artists.

The biggest challenge hip hop artists face on the ground in Zimbabwe and most parts of the world, is how to monetize / commercialize their craft/talent/gifts like the American artists. It’s one thing to be able to rap/sing/dance but its another thing to be able to make money from that talent. Granted, the markets are not as developed as in the USA. But this is a positive because it means opportunity as these markets are not as saturated as the American market. However, they still need to eat! I get it. I salute them.

Presenting the real EmCee’s….

So the Director Of Photography (DP) & Editor of this documentary is dude named Magee Mcilvaine. I reached out to him to get more information on this project. So stayed tuned guys & dolls! This was produced by Nomadic Wax.

The documentary featured the following Zimbabwean EmCee’s; Outspoken, Upmost, Synik, Godobori, Underdaug, Depth, Dialectrik Blue, Aero5ol, Comrade Fatso…Outro music was done by OutSpoken & the Essence [‘Sunshine City’]

Check it:

Zimbabwe Stand Up!

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