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HAPPY WOMEN’S MONTH SOUTH AFRICA: Celebrating my top 10 greatest women!!!

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Today marks as the first day of the Women’s month in South Africa. Women across the country are celebtrated and honoured for their good deeds, humbleness, success and the great lives they lead.

Personally I have a few great women that I choose to honour this women’s month and beyond:

1. My mother Meriam Dinkwanyane

Words don’t come close to describing the greatness of this woman. Not only did she give birth to a princess but she groomed her every step of the way and still is. She is what I call my pillar of strength,I live to make her proud and live to be just as great as she is or maybe just close enough. I love you MAMA WAKA!!!


2. Oprah Winfrey

In more ways than one she has inspired me to have dreams of building my own media empire. She inspired me to join the media industry and do more than what the ordinary man/woman does. I started watching Oprah at the age of 9 and my heart was heavy with sadness and happiness all at once when she ended her 25 year talk show career. I’m happy that she has ventured into OWN and this gives me hope and I believe she gave many more people out there hope. Believe it or not I still have my 2006 Oprah mag that my mother bought for me when I was just 16. While my peers stuck their noses in Gossip mags etc. I read threw O’s mags.


3. Beyonce Knowles

She is everything that music demands. For me she brings a whole new element to music, an edge that no other artist but herself can bring. Let’s not even talk about her stage presence. But above all of this, she is a humble human being.


4. Khanyi Dhlomo

This woman gives me hope, hope that dreams do come true. From her days as the editor of True Love magazine to media mogul, Khanyi is our Oprah. She’s a mother, wife, daughter and more and she still keeps her feet on the ground. One of the most influencial women in South Africa and beyond the boarders.


5. Carol Manana

She made me fall deeper in love with sports, specifically soccer. I remember the first time I met her at the SABC studios, she was so friendly more than what I had imagined. She even agreed to mentor me and show me a few things around the sporting world. Her drive and ambition are what keep me focused and wanting to learn more. Over the years she has become undoubtedly the most reliable female sports anchors in South Africa, representing the country over the world.

6. Connie Ferguson

I grew up watching her on the small screen as “Karabo”. She mastered the character and made it her own. She is more than just an actress, and businesswoman, she is a mother, wife and leaders. Connie is the sweetest woman I know while a bubbly laugh that lights up the room. Her presence is felt wherever she goes.

7. The single mothers working hard

There are so many single mothers (Old and young) I know and have witnessed their strength. These women sacrifice their needs for the needs of thier children. They keep their heads up, even when they feel like giving up. They don’t pity themselves and their circumstance, instead they work their way to the top.

8. The independent young ladies who know their worth

Many like myself fall under this category. We work hard for our uncertain/unknown future…we study hard, work hard and play even harder. We know our worth and let no guy try to pull us down. We are the go getters who stop at nothing to achieve the success we deserve!!! *cues Miss Independent-NeYo*

9. The woman on the street who still has hope of a better life besides all else.

These women have seen it all, and yet they continue to be thankful for life. The kind of life we would deem not worth living, they live and somehow with each day that comes by they still find a reason to smile and hope for a better tomorrow. These women have more faith than the ordinary.

10. The sisters who chose not to be victims of their past

Rape victims, breast cancers survivors, abuse survivors, name them all but these are the women who refused to let their past decide their future. These women overcame it all, and saw something new with everyday that comes and goes, they have drive and ambition, they refuse to let their abusers win instead they overcome and leave many amazed at the strength they have. They forgive and forget like children and love like they have never been hurt before. I respect these woman.

From your girl Allegro Dinkwanyane- “I’m just saying”, so have your say…


Are YOU woman enough?

I’m a passionate writer, who enjoys writing and informing people as well as learning new things. I love sports, the arts and music. I am a sports presenter of UJfm 95.4 as well as other things. Simply put, I am a dynamic young lady who wants to bring about chnage and have an impact in both the media industry and in people’s lives.

Allegro – who has written posts on Farai Today.

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