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THROWBACK: Trey Songz “can’t help but wait” + lyrics!!!

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Remember the skinny Trey Songz with corn rows??? Back in the day when he was still trying to get his music out there, “Mr steal yo girl” wasn’t really stealling anyone’s girl. I remember seeing him as an extra in Chris Brown’s “excuse me miss” video and well look at him today…

The corn rows have been gone since the release of his most successful album to date “Ready” featuring hits such as “Say aah”, “yo side of the bed”, “Successful” and many others. For many reasons I think he draws a lot of inspiration from Usher, who he was the opening act for on his latest OMG tour. (If you really wanna see the resemblance check out his “can’t be friends music video and compare it with Usher’s “Confessions” video…not much difference!).

To all planning on attending the Trey Songz SA tour this August, I thought it would be great if we all start learning the lyrics to Trey’s songz before he gets here…this weeks song is what I call “his breakthrough song” “Can’t help but wait”…before this song I NEVER knew who Trey Songz was!


Here are the lyrics:

Can’t Help But Wait lyrics

I can’t
help but wait…
Oh I, can’t help but wait…
Check it out


I see you, you wit him- he ain’t right but you don’t trip
stand by, while he lies- then turn right round and forget
I can’t take to see
your face, with those tears run down your cheeks
But what can I do- I gotta
stay true
Cause deep down I’m still a G

And I
don’t wanna come between you and your man
Even though I know I treat you
better than he can

Girl I can’t help but wait
you get that with him, it don’t change
Can’t help but wait
Til’ you see
that wit me it ain’t the same
Can’t help but wait
Til’ you, see you, for
what you really are
Baby girl you are a star
And I can’t help but

[Verse 2:]
Listen, it ain’t fresh to just let him call the
You’re a queen, you should be, getting all that someone’s got
should be rockin the latest in purses, bracelets, and watches, your
Much more than a occasional I love you
I’m thinking of



it together- you can do better
Seein’s believing
And I see what you need
I’m gone play my position
Let you catch what you’ve been missin
callin out, girl cause I can’t help but wait


Oh- can’t help but wait,
I can’t help but wait
Oh-oh-oh- can’t help but
No, no, no

Listen to the song below…

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Trey Songz- Can’t help but wait

From your girl Allegro Dinkwanyane- “I’m just saying”, so have your say…





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