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Nonhle Thema Tweets She Is No Longer The Face Of Vuzu TV Channel [South African Television Network]

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Hello great ones!


Tuesday is always super hectic for me!

I tape Afrotainment TV Channel’s women talk show “Point Of View” along with my fab co-hosts, Erika, Zee & Kaya….however, I am working on doing a better job at keeping you guys in the know as news happens….

So one of South Africa’s prominent media/TV personality, Nonhle Thema announced via Twitter [I guess this is the new PR way] that she was no longer the face of South Africa’s youth TV channel, Vuzu TV:

FYI …i will no longer be on on V Entertainment. on Vuzu … trying to get my OPRAH on…gotta keep it moving…..THANK YOU VUZU TV.i have grown soo much but everything has its time …….hope u do me proud..I LOVE YOU GUYS.keep growing. i am no longer the face of VUZU TV ……..we have moved on i have other dreams. Damn my break up with Vuzu feels like a divorce..damn but it had to be done…I love them too much to keep hurting them..*sad tweet*. Sometimes in life as a baby u have to grow and move on.thats me and vuzu.they were my parents for 10 years im walking on my own now. I was NOT fired i want my own channel..and they have other needs changes and u have to move on….i will miss them

Farrah Francis of City Press wrote:

Nonhle Thema has once again taken to Twitter to express her feelings and thoughts. This time she chose the microblogging site to announce that she was no longer the face of youth channel Vuzu.

The V Entertainment presenter, who for months has denied being fired from the popular TV channel, has ranted on the site for various reasons. Most recently, she took on YFM DJs Dineo Ranaka and Sizwe Dhlomo when she called them “broke asses”. When they responded to her tweets, she announced that she would be taking legal action against them.

Earlier today she tweeted: “am no longer the face of VUZU TV ……..we have moved on i have other dreams” She thanked the channel for their support. “THANK YOU VUZU TV.i am what i am becos of you……but its time we all move on..i have other plans so do you.Good Luck…just Do me proud.”

The channel has not issued any communication regarding her announcement.

Fans of Thema shouldn’t fret though. The former reality TV star says she will be launching her own network soon in the same vein as Oprah Winfrey. She tweeted: “ is where u will see me from now on.till my deal for a Nonhle Thema channel is sealed…..

I love African girls/women who dream & do BIG & Nonhle is one of them! Even though Oprah launched her television channel, OWN after 25 years in the game [and even then, OWN ratings have been slipping], I say “you go girl!” to Nonhle for going the same route. I work for a television channel that is chartering new territory in the U.S.A, so I know the sweat, tears, hard-work & unfaultering faith it takes to build a network. I truly wish Nonhle all the success & blessings as she embarks on this journey….

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