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SPORTS: Remembering (Phillip) the 2010 Fifa World Cup, a year later!!!

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Jabulani frustrated a lot of the European players…

This time last year South Africa was celebrating a successful world cup on African soil. Spain and Netherlands were about to battle it out in the final for the 2010 Fifa world cup. Paul the Octapus had predicted that Spain would win, but that didn’t stop the Dutch fans from pouring in their number at the Soccer City stadium colouring the entire stadium orange.

I was all about Bafana…

I remember the mood at home. It was a cold night, the whole family gathered together indoors still rocking our Bafana jersey’s (Despite all else) and everyone hadtheir vuvuzela close by ready to blow for the winning team. I remember a moment where I was filled with so much pride and joy for South Africa and for been here. I turned and said to my mother “mama, I was born at the right time”. I was excited and at the end of the day all I wanted to witness was great football. My “soccer heart” was already taken by Diego Forlan, his goals were just too amazing. I had never heard of him before and I thank the world cup that I got to witness his craft.

My favourite WC players Dos Santos & Diego Forlan

I was all for Spain, seeing as many of the players in that squad were either playing for Barcelona or had played at Barcelona.

Winning captain Iker Casillas

Iniesta scored the winning goal for the Spanish side, making them the 1st Spanish team to win the Fifa WC title.

I could go on and on and on about the memories of the 201 WC but let me save some for my future kids and their kids, lol.

Siphiwe Tshabalala’s goal that gave the nation hope.


Our mascot Zakumi…


From your girl Allegro Dinkwanyane- “I’m just saying”, so have your say…


What memories do you share with Phillip?


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  • Ferdelsan

    I was a visitor in your country at the WORLD CUP last year. It was amazing! We had so mych fun even at the 1-1 draw against South Africa in Soccer City. I wss born in Mexico and live in the United States. We stayed 17 days overthere and will never forget it. You South Africans are just like us Mexicans, we are happy people, and like to have fun.