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TWITTERIFIC: “An Open Letter To Anele Mdoda”

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Twitter has really given people the platform to abuse their “freedom of speech”, forgetting about those they are speaking/attacking. Just to sum it all up…South Africa’s Bey stans have shown that they will stand by King B no matter what! And while that’s all cute and well, we need to remember that as much as we love King B, there are other out there who also love and appreciate her work and would like to be updated about Bey’s achievements (not lies).

Zamani Khethelo, our guest blogger and a fellow Bey stan who appreciates King B‘s work was upset at the fact the 5FM DJ and “Bey stan” Anele Mdoda was dishing out false information to her Twitter followers about Bey’s latest album stats and hence took time to pen down an open letter to the jock!

Anele Mdoda

Read the tweets for yourself…



All this over Bey?! hehehe ( I must say it was quite a unique “TWAR”) lol

Read Zamani’s open letter to Anele below:

When was the last time we had an open letter in these parts of town?

As most Twitterians would know by now, a particular 5fm Dj and I had a nasty spat of words on twitter a few days ago. A “Twar” as the Twitter-elite have coined it.

This “Twar” sparked when 5fm DJ Anele Madoda/ Ndoda/ Madodana-Asiswesele (Her surname escapes my memory at this time). Went on twitter and publicly tweeted a very false statement about her Idol Beyonce, (Who is also one of my Idols, might I add).

Anele’s tweet initially stated that Beyonce’s latest album had sold more than her previous albums. I saw her tweet and decided to respond to it. And my response from the bottom of my soul to the core of my being and soul was meant to be light-hearted.

Just a few weeks ago Anele and I were at the Sony Music Beyonce “4” launch at “Hush Club” in RoseBank, even though we were not properly introduced, we did share a few moments dancing next to each other and WITH each other to Beyonce songs. From those few shared moment I thought I sensed a very beautiful and carefree spirit. I’d always liked her, I’ve never listened to her 5fm show, but I have seen her on TV. The fun person I was dancing with at the Beyonce launch almost matched the fun, beautiful and free-spirited individual I’d seen on TV.

So when I responded to her tweet, I will admit it had a little bit sarcasm and attitude. But my psyche and my mental grasp of Anele was that of the chick I had danced with just a couple of weeks ago. So I thought I was replying to the fun, free and light spirited chick. But oh God did I get the opposite.

She was rude, she was mean and she JUST attacked; “Ndi Yi Bitch”, to quote her.  I’m a very nice person, but if you unnecessarily give me darkness when my core intentions were in a light spirit. You switch all my lights off! And I can also get dark and mean. So some of my replies to Anele were very mean and I can openly state here that as I sit here and write, I am not proud of them. Even though I got hundreds of tweets telling me how I slayed Anele, put her in her place etc. It is something that I as Zamani am not proud of and also CHOOSE to not be proud of.

This for me is the most integral part of my open-letter;

Dear Anele and the rest of the Beyonce STAN-Colony. Please stop fabricating facts and figures to prove how big Beyonce is.

You make it so much harder for the rest of us who just want to appreciate King Bey, like her and appreciate her raw talent.

In one of her tweets to me, Anele stated that she knows for a fact that Beyonce’s “4” album has sold higher than all her previous albums in the U.S and worldwide, and she “claimed” that she got her info from the record company. SUCH LIES!!!!!

This is not a Beyonce post, so I will not get into the sales and figures. But all you readers who know how to use the net,  You can Google or Wikipedia and just do a quick (re)search and see for yourselves that not only does Anele’s record company figures only exist in the 5fm Dj’s mind. But not even Beyonce herself and her holding record company knows of these figures.

When I responded to Anele’s tweet, I was not attacking her, but I was just being me! I just hate people who have a platform to inform the masses and educate the masses. But misuse it and don’t do thorough research before they speak/ write or tweet wether it be about music,politics, maths science, Biologoy, AlgeBAH, heaven, hell or Khanyi Mbau ‘s boobs.  Just always make facual statement. Especially if you have a mass audience. I am just very anal about that. I know we are all entitled to make mistakes, but also when you are caught in a mistake at least brave up and say, yes I was wrong!

I remember a few years ago when Unathi still had a show with RudeBoy Paul on YFm. She had said some untrue statement about Aaliyah, I don’t remember properly what, but I think they were having a Top10 at 10 that was themed around Timbaland , and Yfm played an Aaliyah song that was produced by R.Kelly in the Top10. Immediately right then and there I emailed Unathi, and within minutes she read my email on air, rectified their mistake and apologized to the listeners. Now THAT!!!! I Respect!!!

I was really disappointed by how Anele reacted to my tweet; it made me lose some respect for her as a human-being. Not as a public personality or a celebrity, but as a HUMAN BEING! I have mentioned above about how I am not proud of the things I said. But I will not be fake about it. If the situation were to be repeated I would most probably react the same and say the same things.

My Philosophy in life is; “You Do Unto Others As They Do Unto you”. You treat me like a Bitch, I treat you back the same. You give me respect; I give you back the same. You throw me shade; I’ll show you my darkness. (Uyi Bi*ch! Nami ndi zoba i b*tch ke sana). But  You give me light; I’ll shine and sparkle unto you till thy kingdom come.


Zamani Khethelo.

Hmmm, let’s wait and see if Anele will respond *grabs popcorn*

From your girl Allegro Dinkwanyane – “I’m just saying”, so have your say…



So Bey STANS, what do ya’ll think???

I’m a passionate writer, who enjoys writing and informing people as well as learning new things. I love sports, the arts and music. I am a sports presenter of UJfm 95.4 as well as other things. Simply put, I am a dynamic young lady who wants to bring about chnage and have an impact in both the media industry and in people’s lives.

Allegro – who has written posts on Farai Today.

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  • Allegro

    This was quite an interesting twar…Anele shud just go ahead and apologise. These people always think they know more than the average person!