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#KnowYourZimbos: DJ LUO & DRISSY PARKER!!

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Hi guys!


It is the 2011 BET Awards weekend & errybody *smiling!* it seems, is in LA LA land. Even though my lap-top is temporarily down *uuurrrggggghhhhh*, we’ll keep you updated on what’s happening with the Awards!

But in the meantime and between time, from one of my fave girls in Mzansi (South Africa to y’all), Rutendo Mutsamwira or .R. (or how I call her ARA in my Paraffin voice/accent *inside joke*) initiated this brilliant concept; #KnowYourZimbos campaign via Twitter. .R.’s concept was born from the desire to connect Zimbabweans worldwide by using the Social Networking platforms such as Twitter, Facebook etc, that Zimbabweans & Africans in the Diaspora know the value AND understand the power of.

.R.‘s goal with the #KnowYourZimbos campaign on Twitter is to establish a media platform within Zimbabwe & Africa and expand it outward connecting to those of us in the Diaspora with each other, regardless of which part of the world we live. Her primary focus is Zimbabweans making it happen…

How it works on Twitter, is that you tweet about the Zimbabwean that is making it happen (hopefully they are on Twitter as well, so you would include their Twitter handle or name in the tweet) and what it is that they do! Make sure you HASHTAG that Tweet with #KnowYourZimbos (very key because that is how you can see the entire timeline of Tweets under that HashTag & also, hopefully as more people Tweet under this topic, #KnowYourZimbos will become a Trending Topic on Twitter).

Our peeps over at NdeipiGlobalPR (another great and MUST-KNOW #KnowYourZimbos) loved the idea, presented it to us here at and before you know it, we present to you the first installation of #KNOWYOURZIMBO‘s….


DJ Luo, born Tendai Luwo in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, is a Johannesburg, South Africa-based DJ, Producer, Radio Presenter and voice-over artist. He has pioneered the DJ industry for Zimbabweans showing#KnowyourZimbos, that one can make it as an artist and it’s not a “taboo” profession.

He is the brain child and creator of “The Crack House”, a popular weekly mix that targets blackberry users but is also available to the public at large. DJ Luo has graced stages all over South Africa and plans on taking his talent and music across even more borders.

You can follow DJ Luo on Twitter: CLICK HERE! Or you can “LIKE” his FaceBook Fan Page: CLICK HERE!

Listen to his music:

* Side-bar: Zimbabwean men have to be some of the most handsome, good-looking men on planet! Damn DJ Luo!!! I know some Zim chic is saying “where have you been all my life!?!?!“…. As you were *smile*. No money was exchanged for this! Hahahahaha!


Born in London, England to a Zimbabwean mother and a Nigerian father, Drissy Parker is a 22-year-old MC/song-writer who has spent most of his life in London and most significantly in Harare, Zimbabwe. “Moving to Zimbabwe was a major culture shock to me at 9-years of age, but that faded and I soon blended into my roots pretty swiftly.”

Developing a support base online, most notably Twitter, even setting a Trending Topic #NeverOnSchedule (oh, where have we heard that before – hahahaha!). Drissy Parker‘s long-awaited and highly anticipated debut release “Never On Schedule, looks set to be one of the most talked about mix-tapes of the year! Drissy aims to make music that listeners can feel and relate to. His lyrics are about everyday life, but his beats just make you wanna dance, dance, dance!

“I hope that this mix-tape will help Zimbabweans around the world realize that our music is POWERFUL and that we are GIFTED! It is only a matter of time til the world sees our light shining!”

You can follow Drissy Parker‘s journey on Twitter: CLICK HERE! Or you can “LIKE” his FaceBook Fan Page: CLICK HERE!

To listen to Drissy Parker’s music, visit his SoundCloud page: or


Zimbabwe Stand Up!


ps…please Re-Tweet to spread the word about DJ Luo & Drissy Parker (LOVE THAT NAME DRISSY!!! *smile*)



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