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MUSIC: A quick chat with Phelo Bala!!!

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About a week ago Phelo Bala, who goes by the name simply Phelo B Launched his debut self titled album at Hush in Rosebank. Now I had a lot on my plate at the time and couldn’t attend but from what I heard, this young man is exactly what the South African music scene has been waiting for.

The 20 year old singer/songwriter is not entirely a newcomer in the music industry. He comes from a music home with both his brother Zwai and Loyiso being artists and the three have in fact released an album ealier on as “The Bala brothers”.

One thing’s for sure, I know for a fact that Phelo B can sing…I was and still son in love with his voice that on my birthday (this past April) I kindly asked him to sing for me and he sent me a BBM voice note of him singing (I still have the voice note *giggles*).

It’s not everyday young stars like him are born and neither is it everyday that they last after their first hit single…so I had a brief chat with Phelo B on his album and what more people can expect from him.

What inspired the solo move?

I thought I was ready to make the solo move. I’ve been writing songs
for the past four years and it was perfect timing for me to release my
album this year.

What’s the target market for your music?

There really isn’t a target market for it. I think people who love
good music, in general, will enjoy this album.

The first single from your album is “look like a fool”, how did this song come about?

I normally write music first and lyrics come naturally after the beat.
In this song I’m talking about being in a relationship and not
knowing what your partner is thinking.

How many of the songs on your album were written by you?

I wrote all the songs.

Who did you work with on the album?

I worked with David Beaukes, Terry and Goggi Pinana and ofcourse Zwai and Loyiso.

Under which label are signed?

Bala Brothers Productions

Any future collaborations?

I feature Proverb in this album and don’t have any planned for the
future but hoping to work with other musicians in the future.

Can we expect a music video anytime soon?


What do you think sets you apart from other young SA artists?

I’m lucky to have had a headstart by working with my brothers and
training at the Drakensburg Boys choir school worked to my advantage.

On a scale of 10, if you had to rate this album how much would

you give it?

I’m very critical person and difficult to rate my own album but I’d say 7 1/2.

Why should your fans go out and get the album?

I think its something new and it will take listeners through a musical journey.

Describe your music in one word?


Well that’s just about it, but be sure to catch a full interview sometime soon with this young hunk who oozes pure talent.

All the best Phelo B…


From your girl Allegro Dinkwanyane- “I’m just saying”, so have your say…


What are your thoughts on Phelo B’s music?


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