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KNOW YOUR AFRICANS: Brendah Nyakudya, Young African Woman Leader!

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Hi Y’All!!!


This got me super duper geeked! Nothing thrills me more than a “Young, African Woman” making it happen! I have said it before and I will say it again….African Girls Rock! And here is one that is simply amazing! Brendah Nyakudya.

Brendah Nyakudya

So I found out that a couple of my girlfriends were attending United States of America, First Lady Michelle Obama’s Young African Women Leaders’ Forum at Regina Mundi Church, Soweto, South Africa on June 22nd.

I tweeted about it and Brendah responded to one of my tweets letting me know that she was going to be attending. Girlfriend was modest because she never let on about the work that she does that led to her being invited to attend to this very historic event.

I knew that something was up because First Lady Michelle Obama had this to say about Brendah and the “75 extraordinary young African women leaders” that were invited:

And of course, I want to recognize our guests of honor — these 76 extraordinary young women leaders from here in South Africa and across the continent. (Applause.)

These are young women transforming their communities and their countries, and let me tell you I am so impressed by all of them. I am so proud of everything they have achieved…And it is because of them that we are able to gather here today. It is because of them that so many of these young women leaders can now pursue their dreams.

It is because of them that I stand before you as First Lady of the United States of America. (Applause.)

So what does Brendah do you ask?

Well, Brendah Nyakudya, who is Zimbabwean-born, and her partner, Kalib started raising funds to open nursery schools in South Africa’s impoverished communities about six years ago, (2005) after reading some disturbing research. “The stats were showing that children who never went to pre-school had a higher probability of actually dropping out of school at a later stage,” Brendah said.

Fast forward to today and Brendah & Kalib have three sponsored schools where children are not only educated but clothed and fed as well.

I got chills when I read about Brendah & her amazing work in South Africa! Like, this is so inspirational! Check out her story on CNN below & I love how she didn’t expect that one day, the significant contributions her work in her community, would secure her a spot at the most sought-after gathering of women on the continent.

Check Brendah out on CNN Africa:

*Sob, Sniff, Sniff* Kleenix anyone?!

We salute you Brendah and all the Young


African Women Leaders Making A Difference


In Their Communities!

Holla back!

Source / Photo: CNN; Brendah Nyakudya


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