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EXCLUSIVE: Sony Music (SA) hosts Beyonce’s “4” listening session!!!

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“King B” run the world…

Just got back from an exclusive listening session for Beyonce’s aka King B’s “4” album due for release in South Africa on the 27th June 2011.

The intimate listening session was presented by Sony Music South Africa and held at Hush in Rosebank, Johannesburg. Selected media and guests were treated to Beyonce’s new music before everyone else grabs the album in the next couple of days (that’s if you hadn’t  heard the leaked songs before).

“Bujy” from YFM entertained us with his “run the world” dance

It was great to actually gather in one room with fellow Beyonce “stans” and go through the whole album while sipping on complementary drinks and deliecious vodka from Lovoka.

Lucky guests also took home some Beyonce goodies…we were also kept smelling fresh and just like King B with her fragrance “Heat”.

The event was hosted by Anele Mdoda, another die hard Bey fan and 5FM DJ. She did a good job entertaining the crowd as she presented the tracks from “4”.

My thoughts on “4”

There’s been a lot of specualtion and tremble in some Bey fans and critics who feared that this album could be nothing more than a hot mess, with Bey’s face on it!

However, I beg to differ with good reasons of course. Firstly I believe that Beyonce has no competition whatsoever and only competes with herself…and that can be harder than competing with someone else. So, yes the leaking of the album caused a bit of a stir and the songs weren’t presented as she would have wished but rest assured it’s good music. Secondly, I think that Beyonce and company intentionally took the “ols school” root nwith this album for a purpose. Instead of building upwards from her last huge record “I am Sasha Fierce”, she took a step back in “4” and delievered what she believes is purley based on vocality…and yes the voacls are super bad!!!

With the industry tuning into one genre which is a mix of pop and electro… she opted to slow down the beat and I believe as time goes by this album will grow on many. It’s different from what we are listening to at the moment, she went a decade or two back and tapped into “Beyonce/Giselle”…but no one is saying “Sasha Fierce” is dead and buried, she comes alive in “run the world” and “Start over”.

My favourite tracks from “4” include 1+1, Best thing I never had (co-written and produced by Baby Face) , Party, Run the world, Rather die young, End of time, I was here (this one brings tears to my eyes) and the bonus track Schoolin’ life. (okay, so clearly It’s almost the whole album…lol).

I give this album 8/10 (patiently waiting for more videos).

Listen to “1+1” below


From your girl Allegro Dinkwanyane- “I’m just saying”, so have your say…





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