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CASTLE MILK STOUT PAUSE: Dinner in the sky!!!

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This is PART 2 of my night out & about at the Castle Milk Stout “chill session”. The intimate/corporate event was held at Turbine Hall in Newtown…read HERE for PART 1. So thanks to Castle Milk Stout Pause, I had dinner in the sky for the first (and probably last) time in my life. It was an amazing experience dinning 60m above the ground while exposed to the beauty of the city of gold, Johannesburg!

I won’t even lie, at first I was like “ah hell no!”…I’m not afraid of heights but the idea of having a three course meal while strapped to a floating chair didn’t sit well with me. But I went ahead and did it for the experience along with about 10 other people. It was a cold night but the Castle Milk Stout crew made sure we kept warm with their branded gloves, beanies and blanky’s that were handed to everyone at the dinner table.

Singer Leanne was one of the people dinning with us along with Isidingo actor “Sechaba” (This dude cracks me up…all I think about when I see him is…CEO!). Anyway, we were in good hands and had a blast enjoying our meal, my favourite was the dessert *yummy*

The experience was awesome, not too sure if I would do it again, I was so glad when my feet touched the ground, lol!!!


Images: Monde Nyovane

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