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RADIO: Breakfast with Mo Flava on YFM’s “Flava In The Morning”!!!

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I’m not much of a TV person and those who know me know that I spend much of my time listening to radio or being in studio myself. Now this morning, just a couple of hours ago infact, I was listening to Mo Flava’s (Moeti Tsiki) breakfast show on YFM 99.2 “Flava in the morning” and realised just how good this 5 man ( no sexism intended) team is. Despite being dissed on the show yesterday by some “Posh” character (who has an entertainment/gossip segment during the show in which she “supposedly” shreds celebrities to pieces) and having to listen to a whole load of BS that isn’t true about me, I still like the show quite a lot. I usually have my radio stationary on 5FM, which is also another good station with phenomenal jocks but lately I’ve been “station hopping” from UJFM, Metro FM, 5FM and YFM.

So here’s how Mo’s show usually works (when all goes according to plan, lol). The show USUALLY starts off with upbeat music with the aim of getting its listeners ready for the new day, a couple of features (some random than others) and of course the traffic presented by his co-host Eda Rose as well as the news and sports (Still not sure if the news and sports presenters are consistent or not, having only been listening for a couple of shows). And then there’s a Sol character who for me just takes the cup! Doesn’t usually say much unless he is provoked to especially in matters concerning “weight” and the random callers they get. He just adds some hilarity to the show that I doubt would be the same without him…kinda like the guy or girl you always used to bully in school, as much as they may annoy you…when they leave you miss them.

Eda Rose co-host and “traffic girl” presents the traffic really well I must say, but be warned at first her voice might get a tad bit irritataing but as the minutes turn into hours and Sol and Mo join in the fun, you’ll hardly notice and actually get used to her…(she sounds sweet, much like a 15 year old *cute*). Anyway, the man who holds the show all together needs no introduction especially to the female audience, he pretty much has them (myself included, hehehe) stuck to 99.2 between 6 and 9am with one thing only…HIS VOICE!!!

Mo Flava

Now in radio we always hear about jocks putting on “radio voices” but Mo…never! I’ve met him on a “couple of encounters” and he speaks just as he does on radio in one-on-one convo’s. I think it’s one thing to have a face for TV and another to have a voice for radio and although some jocks are put on radio because they are “faces of radio”, Mo’s character begs to differ afterall he does have both seeing as he also co-hosts a TV show Club808 on ETV with his YFM colleague and another awesome radio jock Dineo Ranaka (more on her in the next review). Since taking over from DJ Sbu who is now with MetroFM (still doing a good job with that husky voice), he’s adapted very well…turning the show into his own! Most people people weren’t so sure about Mo taking over the breakfast show after Sbu and frankly so was I. I think to some extent it was because we were all so drawn to Sbu’s charismatic character that we thought no one else can hold it down like him or do an even better job.

Saul, Eda Rose and Mo Flava

After a couple of weeks of listening to “flava in the morning”, I’m hooked and NO not to Mo, but the actual show…it’s exactly what I need to get up to a great start of the day. No forgetting their hilarious callers, I swear these guys are high on something (either steroids or life) but nonetheless they make my day. Like just this morning Mo posts the question “If you had access to Michelle Obama (who is currently in the country read HERE for more) and her daughters for a day, where would you take them  for a real life experience of South Africa?” Now the idea was not to take her to some fancy place and treat her to the fancy things of life since she’s already used to that and my word the ideas people get!!! I mean really, this one caller had me in stitches, he responded that he would take Mrs Obama to Chiawelo to go see Venda’s and then…[blah, blah, blah], I cracked! So in essence this guy wants to put up the Venda people on expedition for Mrs Obama to see! Like really, how different are they? I still laugh when I think about this LMFCFAO (you don’t wanna know what this means, lol).

To wrap it all up “flava in the morning”, is an awesome show and like they say it has that added special “flava” to get you ready for a hectic day. But I must say YFM has some tough competition from 5FM. Gareth Cliff and his team are also one of the best and maybe it wouldn’t be fair to compare the two but they are on-air at the same time and trust me Gareth has jokes for days, sometimes unitentionally…fact is he will make you laugh and love radio!

Catch “Flava in the morning” on YFM 99.2 and on DSTV Compact 105 (I think…)

*singing* “I think I’m in love with my radio, cause it never lets me down”-Radio (Beyonce)

Next review will be on YFM’s afternoon drive show with Dineo Ranaka and 5FM’s afternoon drive show with “the big dawg” DJ Fresh.

From your girl Allegro Dinkwanyane- “I’m just saying”, so have your say…


Which radio station/show keeps you locked down?

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