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Top 10 African Countries On Facebook

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Happy Monday sweetheart’s!


This is some interesting data from the lovely folks over at How We Made It In Africa. What is particularly surprising to me is that out of 1.5 billion or so folks on the continent of Africa, only22 million Africans are Facebook users. Only 22 million people? Really?

The other surprising thing was that Egypt was leading the packing (I get that recent events may have caused the high number). I was shocked that approximately only 3.5Million South Africans and 2.5 Million Nigerians were on Facebook! Shut the front door! Total population for each country is 50Million for South Africa and 150Million for Nigeria respectively, so I expected these two countries to lead the pack with much higher numbers.

Data published by SocialBakers reveals that Africa currently has just over 22 million Facebook users.

Here are Africa’s top 10 countries on Facebook:

1. Egypt
Total Facebook users: 4,882,560
Penetration of population: 6.07%
Penetration of online population: 28.62%

2. South Africa
Total Facebook users: 3,350,640
Penetration of population: 6.82%
Penetration of online population: 63.22%

3. Morocco
Total Facebook users: 2,642,920
Penetration of population: 8.36%
Penetration of online population: 25.31%

4. Nigeria
Total Facebook users: 2,508,720
Penetration of population: 1.65%
Penetration of online population: 5.70%

5. Tunisia
Total Facebook users: 1,970,200
Penetration of population: 18.61%
Penetration of online population: 54.73%

6. Algeria
Total Facebook users: 1,495,700
Penetration of population: 4.32%
Penetration of online population: 31.82%

7. Kenya
Total Facebook users: 990,920
Penetration of population: 2.47%
Penetration of online population: 24.80%

8. Ghana
Total Facebook users: 802,680
Penetration of population: 3.30%
Penetration of online population: 61.89%

9. Senegal
Total Facebook users: 399,280
Penetration of population: 2.83%
Penetration of online population: 43.26%

10. Cameroon
Total Facebook users: 275,040
Penetration of population: 1.43%
Penetration of online population: 36.67%

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  • Kangopie

    i suppose they measured this based on the number of IP’s in Africa?  did that take into account the diaspora?

  • Allegro_D

    very interesting indeed!

  • Gugu

    Interesting point about diaspora. I am sure Nigeria will hit first place at that point