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Two days from now South Africa will be celebrating Youth Day on June 16th,  and in commemoration of the day I asked a few SA “celebs” how they would be celebrating the day and what their thoughts are on the Youth Day celebrations that take place today. (Note that I put the word celebs in inverted commas because most of them say they don’t like beeing called celebs but I look at it this way… all of them are respected and celebrated in their respective fields, hence the word stays!). A lot of people seem to agree that the actual reasons we celebrate Youth Day have been forgotten and all that it remains is another public holiday on the South African calendar.

I would like to believe that (even after 35 years) there are still young South African’s out there who still value the happenings of 16 June 1976 and admire the courage as well as the bravery of the youth back then. Yes, we may all think of parties and just hanging out during Youth Day but that does not necessarily imply that todays Youth has forgotten. Personally, I am reminded on a regular basis of that historic day when I think about the freedom I have today and the opportunities I have to be who I want to be and again on every other day that I walk into my philosophy lecture and we are made to watch a video about our South African history. Almost everything around us is a constant reminder of what young people can do. While I will be celebrating the day with friends and young achievers, I also choose to remember the day without being depressed but motivated to do more in my youth beacuse I AM YOUNG, GIFTED and BLACK!!!

Uyanda Mbuli (fashion designer and owner of DFC)

“It will be a nice day to rest for me after the YFM Youth Day event (happening tomorrow night), where I will be showing a sexy collection reflecting the 90s. I will also join the ANC Youth League festivities”.

Phelo Bala (Singer/songwriter & the youngest member of The Bala brothers who is also launching a solo career with his debut album launch tomorrow night)

“I’ll probably be taking the day off to rest for my trip to PE on Friday.  In terms of how relevant the Youth Day celebrations are for the young people of today, I must say it must have meant a lot more back then but I think we need to revive that spirit that the youth of 1976 had”.

J Something (Mi casa vocalist)

Mi Casa (J Something centered)

“Myself and the rest of Mi Casa will be going to an orphanage in the morning, then speaking and playing a couple of songs to some kids at a church in Alex [Alexadra township] and then playing at a gig later that eveing”.

Lerato Kganyago (Soweto TV presenter)

“The happenings of the day and the phenomenon that it is should be separated from the day and how it is celebrated. It was a momentous day, but how it is remembered and celebrated today has lost its meaning. Today people have braais and go shopping which contributes to its irrelevance to many of the youth today. Having said that, it’s part of our history and like many political holidays needs to be re-invigorated”.

Mika Stefano (Celebrity blogger & Internet radio DJ)

“Well I have a small flu (tltltltlt #deathby small flu), but my plans are to wake up early and take part in the MetroFM walk for freedom. I am also relaunching a new radio station called TransAfrica Radio (you read about it first here!!!). We are  doing live weekend shows for now, the new youth sound over the weekends…so I will be working on that. Slikour is the voice of the station and will actaully be recording the promo’s in the evening”. Mika also mentioned that his #NoHomoHomo Co-host Saz will be joining him for the relaunch after treating his mom at the spa during the day.

Miza (recording artist/businessman)

“I will be going to the YFM Youth Day party celebration tomorrow night to celebrate Youth Day”.

Mina Shembe (Celebrity make-up artist)

“I say todays youth needs something different! We are not in the apartheid era anymore, we shouldn’t be crying and being sad anymore. We should be happy and celebrate what our brothers and sisters did for us in 1976. I will be going to Somizi’s party in Soweto because that is what people my age do…WE PARTY!!! Let’s celebrate what Mam’ Makeba did for us, Let’s have big concerts where artists like Simphiwe Dana and Thandiswa Mazwai and more will entertain us. Let’s celebrate being young, we are not in the apartheid era anymore so why why keep reminding ourselves of the past?! This day should not be mourned but celebrated”.

Sandi Mabasa (Fashion designer and founder of FabroSanz Creations)

“I will be hosting some of my clients to showcase our winter collection proceeded by a braai and networking session, all were requested to wear school uniform and will also have a speaker to talk about the importance of not forgetting about June 16.
Todays youth do observe June 16 however I would like to encourage them to find out what it meant then and what contribution it has done for the country and I think more of our youth should be involved in the celebrations and commemoration that are held every year.  More campaigns should be developed to further educate todays youth about the essence of youth day”.

Lulo Cafe (DJ and businessman)

While everyone else is either partying, resting or shopping…popular DJ Lulo says it will be all “work, work, work” for him. (I guess for others Youth Day is just another day).

With all this been said, what does Youth Day mean to you in 2011 and how will you be celebrating this day?

From your girl Allegro Dinkwanyane- “I’m just saying”, so have your say…

I’m a passionate writer, who enjoys writing and informing people as well as learning new things. I love sports, the arts and music. I am a sports presenter of UJfm 95.4 as well as other things. Simply put, I am a dynamic young lady who wants to bring about chnage and have an impact in both the media industry and in people’s lives.

Allegro – who has written posts on Farai Today.

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