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Puma reveals new Bafana jersey: Hot or not???

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The boys don’t look too happy about this one…

The press conference is still underway at Soccer City where the new Bafana jersey was revealed for the first time. Turns out Puma are now the new Bafana partners and will be until 2018 (for the next 2 world cups) :-(

I don’t know what Puma were thinking or who they hired to design this ugly jersey! I mean really… I think I’m getting sick…*pukes*

From this

To this?! Eeuuwww

This is such an insult to my liking, it has to be the worst Bafana jersey of all time and to think they’ll be sporting it until 2018…eish #ICan’tDeal

“Safa president Kirsten Nemantandani today confirmed one of the worst-kept secrets in South African football – that Puma have taken over as national team technical sponsors.

At a press conference at Soccer City – which is still ongoing – it was announced that Puma would provide kit for all national teams – senior, junior and women – for the next two World Cups, until 2018.

Bafana will wear the kit for the first time on August 10.

Nemantandani hailed Puma’s work in Africa, describing them as “the perfect partner”.

Puma have a long heritage in Africa, having started their work on the continent in 1997 when they became associated with Cameroon. They currently have 12 national teams in their stable.”


From your girl Allegro Dinkwanyane- “I’m just saying” so have your say…(ain’t no way I’m buying this one yoh!)


What do you think of the new Bafana jersey?

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  • Thabo

    What the f…..! how in the hell did SAFA approve of such shit? It does’nt even belong to the first devision team even Jomo Sono would nt agree if Jomo Cosmos had to play with these kind of a kit.

  • Paulisto

    I dont like this one