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CUTE: Ciara spends the day on a safari chasing around cheetah’s in South Africa!!!

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Ciara is enjoying her stay in South Africa and tweeting every moment of it all. The singer is here as part of the line-up for the ZARFEST brought to you by Zar Entertainment. Seeing as the artists will have more time on their hands since the Durban and Cape Town concerts have been cancelled (the Jo’burg one is still on on the 3rd June) , I wonder what most of them will get up to.

This afternoon Ciara enjoyed a day at the Safari chasing around Cheetah’s and spotting Zebra’s. Check out her tweets below…

Riding on a Safari in South Africa! this is Surreal! This was something I always dreamed of!


On the top of the mountain. We hopped out to stretch. I kept thinking what if lions hop out! Lol

View from my truck! No windows! Aah!

(Glad she also got educated about the park) It’s the oldest reserve in the world besides yellow stone park. Founded in 1895

Here’s me trying to catch the cheetah…he can run from 0 to 110 km in 3.3 seconds

I finally caught her! That’a girl

I’m glad she’s enjoying every minute of her stay in “the motheland”, hope she takes home notes for her bff Kim K on how to enjoy South Africa despite being “stranded”, lol

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How cute is CiCi???

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  • Jack Kamix

    She’s so brave and i love tiger.
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