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Lil’Kim arrives in South Africa for ZARFEST!!!

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Lil’Kim escorted into ZAR…

ZAR Entertainment is doing BIG things…the brand seems to be getting bigger and bigger with every effort they make. This time around Kenny Kunene has stuck to his word and is bringing Timbaland, Ciara, Lil Kim, Phat Joe and DJ Scratch to the country.

Lil Kim arrived in South Africa, Johannesburg this morning at the O.R Tambo airport and Kenny was there to see her through to ZAR where a press conference was held.

Kenny Kunene escourting Lil’ Kim at the O.R Tambo International Airport

Lil’ Kim arriving at ZAR

Talk about “ballin’ “…leaving the airport..

Kenny Kunene, Lil’ Kim and DJ Fistaz Mixwell

According to tweeps on twitter, Lil’ Kim really streched the “African time” thing to the max! They waited and waited and waited until some got tired of waiting and actualy left the pres conference. Luckily for those who waited she did show up…below are a few pics that I grabbed from twitpics during the press conference.

Apparently, word is Kenny “Mr sushi” Kunene also revealed that Lil’ Kim would be working with some of his artists signed under his label “Nu Money”. The moment I heard this, I just thought “how original”…Nu Money! (Young Money, Cash Money, Diddy Dirty Money…hmmm). Well I guess the money kepts getting defined!

Here’s a flyer I picked up on my way from work…very interesting. Hope they give a good show.

#deathby “This is not a concert, it’s how we party”. Go ZAR!!!

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From your girl Allegro Dinkwanyane- “I’m just syaing”, so have your say…


Will you be attending the ZARFEST???

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  • Jithan Manin

    Oh Lil Kim, its time you get to work and do less trash talking about other people .

  • DaBitch

    Kim is striking back while that remix Nicki did flopped on the charts. LOL her 14 minutes of faame is nearly up.

  • Cherry Banks


  • Maysimkhabela

    haha saggy kim