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We all know that the South African Music Awards took place this past weekend and not much positivity is surrounding the whole event. I personally have a few things to share about my experience at the awards. Overall, I made the most of my night with company and enjoyed myself. (There was no use sulking anyway, nothing was going to be changed).

The hosts

Before I went to the SAMAs I was excited about the choice of hosts. I thought Phat Joe would nail it and Bonang would be her usual fabulous self but for some reason I wasn’t too wowed. Phat Joe revealed that he was censored by the SAMAs so he couldn’t really be himself. Bonang on the other hand kept it together but I was very disappointed that I didn’t see all (7/8) of  her GJC dresses (all thanks to the poor arrangements inside the dome). Nonetheless, the show continued and they did their best to keet the crowd going. I have very little to say about Sizwe Dhlomo’s hosting skills at the SAMA’s, I’m glad he was not on the main stage, he just didn’t cut it for me on the night.

The performances

Professor joined on stage by Khanyi Mbau

Although a lot of people are complaining about how “too white” (whatever that means, lol) the performances were, I enjoyed most of them. I think they made the whole show really come together. I was eagerly awaiting Professor’s performance which was worth the wait but a tad too short. Zebra and Giraffe also made my night. Die Antwoord gave us something different, and I enjoyed that (their performance reminded me of one of Pink’s performances). Zakes Bantwini closed off the show with a great performance of “bum bum”. He really went all out to give the crowd something to talk about. I love his stage presence and his dancers were entertaining.

The production

I don’t know about the people who watched from the comfort of the own homes but from where I was sitting inside the dome the production wasn’t up to scratch. A few hiccups here and there, especially when they shot from Sizwe’s side. At one point the people on the inside couldn’t hear what Sizwe was saying and when we could hear him, we couldn’t see him on the screens inside the dome #epicfail. I’m sure it looked better from the small screens than it did inside the dome. Oh one more thing…the seating arrangements were so not  AYOBA!!!

The after party

Now this was the shocker of the evening. We all know that in Sun City the official after party is one huge party at one venue, right? Well not this year, guests were subjected to at least 5 different venues for the official after party. I couldn’t believe my eyes when my ticket allowed me access to one of the 5 venues. Each of my friends had a different venue allocated to them! I mean really? How do 5 people party and have fun at 5 different venues for what is said to be the “same official party”. I was not happy at all and neither were many of the guests.

After all of this all I could remember were the SAMA’s that Kabelo Mabalane hosted, in my opinion still one of the best edition of the SAMA’s. Let’s hope that the SAMA’s and partner including Red Flag will do a better job next year. And while they do that, can they also show respect to the media, I was very disappointed with how the media were treated. A lot of complains are going around, and if this is how it’s going to be done as from no onwards, then can the SAMA’s please email us press releases, pictures and a whole article stating what we should and should not write or comment on.

On that note…#DeathByPoliticsAtTheSAMA’s

N.B: Gallery to follow in Part 3

Professor image by Leon Sadiki

From your girl Allegro Dinkwanyane- “I’m just saying”, so have your say…


What did you think of the 17th annual SAMAs?

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