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 So VUZU TV launched their new show called “Top Shayela” hosted by the funny and talented Siyabonga Sscoop” Ngwekazi. Vuzu TV is also the home of Nonhle Thema’s failed reality TV show “Nonhle goes to Hollywood” and turns out she wasn’t too happy about the success of ” Top Shayela”. To see all her insecure and childish tweets click HERE.

Anyway, back to Top Shayela…I absolutely enjoyed the show, not only because it kicked started their first episode with South Africa’s “Queen B” Bonang Matheba, but also becuase of the production.

From what I gathered, the show is all about intorducing us the viewers to the lives of the “young, rich and fabulous” of South Africa (think MTV’s cribs).

I can’t wait to see who they’ll have next on the show. And if you missed their first episode with Bonang, click HERE for full viewing pleasure.

From your girl Allegro Dinkwanyane- “I’m just saying”, so have your say…


What are your thoughts on Top Shayela?

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  • Duduzile Chiloane

    just checked it out and i must say im hooked. wish i had a weave sponsor

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  • Mbali

    ok i dd miss da Bonang episod and i ddnt no wat to do den vuzu gave me da link nd now m lyk OMG>>>reli man Queen B rocks,m a big fan…i love ha 2 death! probly if i gt 2 meet ha id colaps or sum lol>>>nyc show dammm

  • Chuma Natasha

    bonang matheba have the best house ever,love her so much,her life is what I will trade and I will have it in more years to come.LOVE YOU BONANG MATHEBA WISH I CAN BE YOUR BEST FRIEND FOREVER.LOVE.LOVE.LOVE.BIG KISSESS FROM EASTERN CAPE IN UITENHAGE.

  • Nhleyjure

    the episode featuring Somizi is the best so far. he is so halarious…..