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A few weeks ago I attended the South African Music Awards nominees party and happened to take a picture with SA Kwaito artist Mandoza for JustCurious. Just to clear things up, I did not want to take the pic with him (no offence) but because my friend and fellow blogger Lelo wanted a pic of him for her website, he refused to take the pic unless I posed with him. So I posed with him while Lelo took the pic (big issue??!). Now, someone went on to create a chain email that people woke up to in their email boxes the next day…

With Lelo

I haven’t seen the email but the main caption is about Mandoza’s health state. Apparently people were so shocked about his weight loss and of course rumours gor around. Now at first I wasn’t bugged about it, this was until I started getting calls, emails, tweets, facebook messages and BBM’s that word around was that I was his girl. Now you can quote me on this one…I AM NOT MANDOZA’S GIRL! Obviously somewhere down the line people got bored about the main subject and decided to add some spice to the whole email which claims it’s “Mandoza and girlfriend” in the pic…*yawn*

With Mandoza

As far as I know Mandoza is a married man, with kids…so no!

As for his “health issue”, u judge for yourself but I aslo think the picure wasnt so clear, he didn’t look as bad in person #justsaying

From your girl Allegro Dinkwanyane- “I’m just saying”, so have your say…


Did you get the chain email?

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