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VIDEO: Da Brat & Jermaine Dupri Are “So So Def”! Their Remix of Chris Brown’s “Look At Me Now”

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Hello, Good-morning!



We love a strong come-back! Team Da-Brat (don’t let us down, #justsaying!). Missed her music while she was doing time! But glad she’s back! If this is any indication of her come-back, then LEGOOOOOOOOO!!

Walk in like a WINNER, coz I’m free…

…I don’t have to walk around as an inmate!
..I’m great!
couldn’t wait for the parole board to give me your release, February 28th
… now I’m on the phone, 24, trying to …
I’m about to take advantage to any opportunity I can manage
and do more damage than I ever done!
I’m capable of liberally assassinating any hater…
anyone of us… sucker,
anyone of us go bluster!
yeah, I’ve gotta get, cause I’ve gotta get,
..get good, my engine…
came from the bottom when… I wish I would,
even though I’m …with a criminal, I’m… individual,
look at me now, if you …people around support us!
surround myself with the most important,
I’m fortunate , i’m scorching it… , ain’t nobody better ,
i’m hotter than …fortunate!
..hypothetically a fanatic when I’ve made it!
me and …
steady stay… heavenly gonna stay, happily ever after,
begin a new chapter, ….

it’s the B to the Raaaa….

….look at me now!

Check it out:


Loving the Brat or What?!

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