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Hey lovely people!


Today we are celebrating Zimbabwe‘s 31st Independence Day!

Despite her many challenges, (and there are plenty!), she persists & perseveres & keeps on going. That resilience, fortitude is part of our DNA as Zimbabweans. Regardless of where you find us, we flourish and we make things happen! We are going to make things happen…

Mushambi Mutuma

Enter Mushambi John Mutuma, Co-Founder & Managing Director of Altivex Creative Foundry based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Young, African & fabulous! Making it happen in South Africa. So much so, that he caught the attention of leading South African men’s magazine, DestinyMan, for their “Men Fulfilling Their Destiny” Business Section….

Mushambi John Mutuma in DestinyMan Mag (right) May/June issue

So we got the unabridged exclusive interview that Mushambi had with with DestinyMan Magazine (we got it like that!).

Check out what this Young, African & Fabulous Zimbabwean had to say:

Full name and age? Business title for both jobs?

Mushambi John Mutuma

Altivex Creative Foundry South Africa – Co-Founder & Managing Director

University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), Program in Global Health – Program Coordinator, Africa

Please give a description of both of your jobs.

Altivex Creative Foundry provides creative business solutions through web & e-commerce development, graphic design, multimedia, social media marketing and smart-phone mobile applications. As Managing Director, I handle the company’s strategic & financial management, engaging new clients and leading our team of creatives.

UCLA’s Program in Global Health is a research institution that partners with academic institutions throughout the world to advance prevention, policy and clinical research for HIV/AIDS. As Program Coordinator, I manage UCLA’s role in research projects in the region, focusing on monitoring and evaluation and training facilitation.

Describe a typical day?

Due to the global and online nature of my job, I’ve always said the best and worst part of my job is I don’t clock in or clock out. Whether its Africa, the US or Asia, someone is always awake, hence the typically very long hours. Working from home is great advantage, but requires focus and time management. I start every day with an hour at the gym. Following that, I handle whatever requests came in during the night from local clients or from other regions. Over lunch I squeeze in meetings with as many potential clients as possible. Despite it being the digital age I believe nothing is more effective than looking your client in the eye when you explain the uniqueness of your services. After lunch, New York and LA are waking up and I start connecting with my US based colleagues. I usually have worldwide conference calls from 6pm to midnight. During this time I also manage and prepare my team for various new projects and we strategize for the future.

How did Altivex Creative Foundry come about?

Altivex Creative Foundry was formed when I realized a very talented group of creative people existed within my friends and acquaintances who weren’t getting an opportunity to maximise their talent in their jobs with more traditional design or IT firms. We also noticed a gap in the South African market in e-commerce, mobile apps and social media marketing. After six months of market research, planning and development we went live and launched our company.

What were you hoping to accomplish with Altivex Creative Foundry when you started? Have you done so as yet?

Altivex Creative Foundry’s vision is to be recognized as South Africa’s premier creative business tools provider, leading the market in e-commerce, mobile app development and social media consulting and marketing. Based on the overwhelming response to our recent launch, I believe we are already well on our way. Our client base literally grows daily and our projections for next quarter are looking very positive!

Why are you doing two jobs? Is it for money or are you driven by passion?

While money is nice, my true motivation is ownership. I want to be in full control of my destiny and my position at Altivex Creative Foundry allows this. So in this transition period I get the security and satisfaction out of making a positive impact on the region’s health sector but I also get the excitement and privilege of being part of a potentially huge new way of doing business in South Africa.

Roddy Chakaipa, Co-Founder & Creative Director

How do you approach time management?

We’ve taken #NoDaysOff as our company motto and creed. Monday to Monday I work, no excuses, no concessions. However, in addition to working around the clock I strongly believe in the need for lists, lists and more lists. With each of my projects I set out a calendar of events, deadlines, conference calls, scheduled follow-ups, etc. At Altivex Creative Foundry, we do the same with each of our clients and their projects. Multiple detailed lists insure that you cover all your bases and leave nothing amiss.

How do you find balance between your two different roles?

Fulfilling commitments is very important to me. At this stage, I work for UCLA full time and I meet that obligation through being available any day, around the clock, to cover the needs of the different time zones we work in. At the same time I owe my Altivex Creative Foundry partners and employees my full attention to our new venture. The balance comes in the management of my responsibilities; I focus on the big picture and issues I consider important.

Isaac Phefo, Brand Architect

What are the thrills of working two jobs?

The best part of my current job set-up is that no day is the same. Every day I face completely different challenges in the public health sector and the for-profit, creative industry. New challenges bring on more planning and more strategic thinking, two things I love. I think another thrill is the people that tell me what I’m doing is impossible. I strive to prove naysayers wrong and love being able to continue to manage a full-time job and full-time company without compromising quality or productivity.

What are the challenges and how have you overcome them?

The biggest challenge day to day is time. I never have enough of it. However, as I said before, managing my time effectively is the only solution. Another challenge is managing growth. Despite contrary belief, it’s not good to grow too much too fast. So while we can’t predict what’s around the corner we are very keen on focusing our targets and capacity on quality, not quantity.

Agi Masekela, Head of Interaction Design

Does having two jobs come at the expense of recreation and family time?

My father has always told me that while I’m young enough to work all day and night I should. So I do. In the same token I believe it’s important to have downtime with friends and family, things that should never be neglected. Finding balance is the important part.

Most companies have policies against moonlighting. How did you navigate the legalities behind being employed by day and doing your own thing after hours? Have you discussed this with management at your day job?

I make sure that my work at Altivex Creative Foundry does not negatively impact my “day job.” Because I will be transitioning away from UCLA in the future they have been very generous and accepting in the fact that I have my own future plans. I’m beyond thankful for the opportunities they have given me and will work with the energy of my first day until the last time I clock out.

Mushambi Mutuma, Co-Founder & Managing Director

The nature of your two jobs are very different, how do you approach the different roles?

I credit UCLA with teaching me how to manage many different programs in multiple countries and settings- whether it be Los Angeles, New York, Jo’burg or rural Malawi, with a wide range of individuals. At UCLA I’m an employee managing programs but at Altivex Creative Foundry I’m an employer managing employees and clients. I believe the positive here is as an employee I know what management expects of me and as an employer I know how and what employees feel and go through.

How did you go about establishing your company while working full time? How did you go about securing clients?

We use any and every free moment available! As I said, with #NoDaysOff we have molded a lifestyle around continuous quality work around the clock. You wouldn’t believe the shock some clients have when they wake up to see a quotation that hit their inbox at 2am! Our clients come from the strength and broad scope of our networks as well as a few targeted prospects. However, the majority of our clients come from referrals. I think an important factor is that we treat each of our clients, whether big or small, with the same respect and time. We’re not merely a once-off service provider but a lifelong creative partner for our clients.

Team #NoDaysOff

When your own venture started taking off, how did you ensure that you didn’t lose interest in your day job?

HIV/AIDS prevention is a strong passion of mine and being part of something that changes lives regularly is a big motivation. I don’t think I’ll ever lose interest in helping people and making the world a better place. At Altivex Creative Foundry we’ve already put together a bursary fund for future university students and I hope in the future it will give us the avenue to do even more, especially for young creative talent here in South Africa.

Since the start of the recession, multiple job-holding – or moonlighting – is on the rise. Why do you think this is?

I believe people are increasingly finding limited security in their day jobs. With the recession, layoffs and corporate downsizing have been on the rise in every industry, leaving many feeling insecure in their job. I believe people want (and should have) a reliable backup plan in order to support themselves and their families. While being your own boss has its full variety of challenges, there is security in knowing that your success is fully dependent on your own work ethic.

What tips can you offer aspiring businessmen for managing two jobs?

The best tip I can offer is investing in a quality team to support you. Without qualified and committed individuals beside you, your business dreams are just dreams. At Altivex Creative Foundry, I believe fully in our products and services but even more importantly, I have full faith and confidence in the abilities of our team. Delegation of tasks and duties is no challenge when I know my team can achieve our goals. Being part of strong and supportive teams with the commitment and capacity to deliver gives you the opportunity to pursue your dream. All you have to do is have the drive to dive in. #NoDayOff Good luck!


How Inspired Are You By Mushambi…


& His Altivex #NoDaysOff Team?!


Photo/Source: Ndalo Media, DestinyMan, Altivex Foundry

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