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Happy 31st Independence to Zimbabwe!


To Zimbabweans world-wide, here’s to you & your loved one’s!

Best quote came from our good friends over at NdeipiGlobal Public Relations….

Like Estelle…1980, the year that God made me. Zimbabwe. Nah…don’t look back baby…look forward. It’s completely appropriate given that no one died for the diamonds (smile) or even the gold…

Yeah…the inflation thing…man that sucks…

but I was speaking to my Granny the other day. She lives in Seke Township (Harare, Zimbabwe) and she was speaking to me from her cell from the village and she asked me, “Inflation chii?” She wanted to know if she “could eat it?”

Happy Independence Day Zimbabwe


Introducing the Zimbabwe Allstars: – Jusa Dementor, Bkay & Kazz, Decibel, Jonah, Robbie Gee, TK and First Lady – Cynthia Mare, who team up with Nigerian super producer JJC to create ‘We Are Africans #263Remix’. Set for release on April 18th, a date significant for Zimbabwean’s across the globe. This monster track is destined to set dance floors ablaze across the globe. The accompanying video sees each of the all-stars dishing out delectable helping of fizz, each adding a different ingredient to a red, gold and green mix.

Zimbabwe Allstars

Check out the vid:

For us, it was about togetherness. We see so much in the headlines about our country and then when we visit there, he hear so much more, that it as about doing something to show unity. We each have our individual music careers, but we felt we could come together to create something special on this” – say popular duo Bkay & Kazz – who took time out to record this before jetting off to Zimbabwe to open for #1 artist Sean Kingston, who plays live in Harare, Zimbabwe, April 22nd & 23rd.

Bkay & Kazz

It’s a crazy mix of loving the original anthem and wanting to rep for my country that got me hooked” – says Jusa Dementor. The award-winning Zimbabwean dancehall artist who is a brand ambassador for Zimbabwean telecoms giant Econet goes on to say, “I look around me and i see so much talent coming out from Zim and I was honoured when JJC approached us recognising that fact“.

Jusa Dementor (mmmhhhh!)

Indeed, when the Nigerian-born, London-based mulit-talented songwriter/ rapper/ singer/ music & video director JJC (aka Skillz) linked up with the chosen few – who are now known as the Zim allstars, it was in order to take his movement back to the motherland. The original version of “We Are Africans” is nearing almost 100,000 views on YouTube.  As well as being playlisted on MTV Base Africa, Nigezie, BEN TV and many other channels, their has been a phenomenal response to this track when it first came out last year… But the movement continues with a House Of Stone vibe.




Photo: NdeipiGlobal P.R.; Jusa Dementor; Bkay & Kazz

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