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LADY GAGA Reveals Artwork For ‘Born This Way’ Album Cover!

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Happy Saturday beautiful people!


So last night I went to see Lady Gaga perform for the very first time! Shout-out to my good friend Kern (Music Director to major U.S artists) for making it happen! He is part of Gaga’s band. (#SoProudOfHim!)

Insanely beautiful and electrifying. Gaga is an intense & true performer. I think she had the stage set-up changed at least FIVE times during her set. Her choreography, dancers, outfits just magical! And she does not lip-sync even with all the dance moves. What I loved the most was that Gaga‘s fans or “monsters” as she calls them, dress up to the show. Like seriously dress up! *WhoDoesThatTheseDays?*

And what was particularly interesting to me is that Gaga has a fascination with Jesus Christ. Although alot of her artistry may be seen as blasphemy & outright anti-Christ, I am going to pray for her…because that’s what Christ would want.

In the meantime, last night, Lady Gaga also revealed the official cover artwork for her forthcoming album Born This Way, due out on May 23rd. Check out the visual by photographer Nick Knight and the Haus of Gaga:

Along with the cover, Gaga also revealed a line from a song titled “Highway Unicorn (Road to Love)”:

“Get your hot rods ready to rumble, cause’ we’re gonna drink until we die.”


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Lady Gaga’s New Album Cover?!



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  • Jojohershey

    its the worst cover ive ever seen it has no relevance to the albums meaning she wasnt born a motorcycle was she?