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Hello sunshines!


I fell in love with this brand the first time I was introduced to it. The brand, the name, the concept seemed larger than life, grandiose, invincible, royal, divine….yeah I know it sounds lofty but that’s exactly how I felt when I initially met 54 Kingdoms!

With 54 Kingdoms, you are forced to think of Africa beyond your everyday borders! The concept of 54 Kingdoms transcends traditional African borders and reaches out to anyone tied to African ancestry regardless of where they are in the world.

Kwaku & Nana in Haiti 2011

So when the 7.0-magnitude earthquake hit Haiti, relief aid poured into Haiti in unprecedented numbers! For the first few months following the catastrophic earthquake, aid to Haiti seemed to be the way to go and everyone, it seems was, involved in the recovery efforts of the country. Fast forward six months, and news coverage of Haiti had waned. Recovery aid & efforts seemed to be slowing down and the world was back to “Keeping Up With The Kardashians“….

Nana & Haitian child in Haiti 2011

Not so with Nana Poku & Kwaku Awuah, the visionaries behind 54 Kingdoms! The impact & devastation of the earthquake on Haiti was still fresh on their minds, six months after the fact. With a sense of urgency, they acted on their community outreach pledge for 2010 and for Haiti that meant focus on the reconstruction of the country. They had initiated their company’s pledge for community outreach the prior year, in 2009. That meant collaborations with non-profit organizations to assist affected communities, raising awareness & “out-of-the-box” fundraising events/activities. So when the 7.0-magnitude earthquake hit Haiti, they were ready…

54 Kingdoms in collaboration with Edeyo “Help Them” in Creole, a non-for-profit organization based in NYC that empowers the youth in Haiti, held a concert to raise funds. Benefitting the “Built For Haiti” campaign, the concert raised US$2,088.

Nana & Kwaku present US$2,088 in Haiti 2011

Late February of this year, Nana & Kwaku traveled to Haiti to present the US$2,088 check for the reconstruction efforts of a school. The school, Joyous Heart is  an elementary school for K6 kids. Additionally, Nana & Kwaku assisted with the development of curriculum and after-school activities for the kids. They also provided training for the teachers…

Kwaku & Nana in Haiti 2011

Said Kwaku upon their return to the U.S.A from Haiti,”Farai, this was a chance for us at 54 Kingdoms to assess, first the impact of the earthquake. Second, meet with our Haitian brothers & sisters to show them our love, support & commitment towards their recovery. Third, get in the trenches with them as they rebuild their country.

Nana added: “It was important to us not to just donate money but get our hands dirty too so to speak. That to us is a more effective way of helping Haiti rebuild herself. And let me remind your readers that there is much, much work still to be done in Haiti. And they can still help by giving their donations and or purchasing 54 Kingdomsdesigner Tee shirts.

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