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So after THIS post, where I reviewed and openly spoke about my personal opinions towards both “Nonhle Goes to Hollywood” and Running with the reps, it turned out that the only people worth catching up with were indeed the Reps.

Last week Friday marked episode 4 of the Vuzu reality show, and we got our full dose of drama when we saw how all members felt that Taydos was slacking, which then led into a smacking.

I hung out with Taydos at Vow  FM (Voice of Wits) where he does his weekly show between 12 and 3pm to find out what role he plays within the crew and of course what his feelings about the incident are…

FaraiToday: When were the Reps established and how?

Taydos: The Reps were established on the 24th of  March 2006. Larry had his crew, and I had mine, which was predominantely church based. They got irritated with the fact that we were known and they were always being compared to us, so they came to church and battled us and we beat they ass (lol). Larry and I, then spoke about joining the crews and making it one

FaraiToday: What are some of the Reps’ biggest achievements?

Taydos: Getting Jozi to win best performance, opening up for international guests such as 50 cent, Akon, Phat Joe, Nas,The game, Performing alongside Chris Brown and the biggest one was probably performing at the International 46664 concert.

FaraiToday: That’s huge but then 2011 marked even greater achievements, the birth of reality show Running with the Reps… has the show met your expectations?

Taydos: To a certain extent YES, but there is one element missing, and that is the element of teaching…  meaning each episode is supposed to have a lesson, a lesson for us, up and coming dancers and people that want to make it in the entertainment industry in general.

FaraiToday: What have some of your personal lessons in terms of creating the show and having to work with the rest of the crew in creating it been?

Taydos:  The lengths people are willing to go in order to make the show so great.

FaraiToday: Ok so you are obviously talking about the last episode aired where we see you have having a fall out with TJ. What are your feelings about what happened?

Taydos:  My feelings about what happened aren’t very clear, even though the show was shot 2 months ago, I only saw what was discussed in my absence when the episode was aired. So I was very shocked that everything seemed like a set up, and I was even more shocked that I was in a room full of people that I had worked with and grown with for up to five years, who knew exactly how much I had sacrificed for the Reps as a whole for ME to be sacrificed for one good episode.

FaraiToday: So given the opportunity would you retaliate towards TJ’s actions

Taydos: It’s not the fight that got to me, guys and friends fight every day and get over it, it was just the betrayal of it all.

FaraiToday: So question is are you leaving the Reps?

Taydos: Watch next week’s episode.


 This is what Larry had to say about all of this: “ I’ve been trying to contact him (Taydos). I really miss that boy hey…I just want him to hear me out and even though I do know I was wrong cause I was meant to stick by him. I was intoxicated at that meeting.”

Running with the Reps has really lifted the bar in terms of South African produced Reality shows, I’m LITERALLY sitting at the edge of my seat waiting to see if Taydos  ,who to a certain extent has contributed to the brand identity of the Reps with his trademark fringe, will indeed leave the crew. Catch episode 5 of RWTR (Running With The Reps) on Vuzu Fridays at 19:30

By guest blogger: Thando Thabethe >>>That’s my 2cents ke kopa change…


What were your thoughts of this episode?

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