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With her husband David Otunga

Her fiance is still “adjusting” to her drastic weightloss and well the rest of Hollywood is loving it. Singer/actress Jennifer Hudson has lost quite a lot of weight in the past few months. According to her it’s all for the good of her health.


Kept shrinking…

She loves it…

What do I think??? I don’t buy it. At first she was one of those full figured girls in Hollywood who said they embrace their full figured bodies and encourage other young girls and women across the globe to do the same…now this! I’m not hating on her new figure, Lord knows she looks gud but what does it say about you as a role model? In a way I found it misleading and it all goes to show that “if you ain’t skinny in Hollywood then you’ll never really make it”.


However, it’s good to see that her new image combined with her powerful voice are working in her favour. Her latest album “I remember me” is sitting at number 2 on the Billboard charts with 167K copies sold (go girl).

But she is not the only international female celebrity on a weight loss mission. Singer Liona Lewis rocked a new figure quite recently and so did former American Idol winner Jordin Sparks…hmmm!

From your girl Allegro Dinkwanyane “I’m just saying”, so have your say…


What are your thoughts on Jennifer’s new figure (be honest, lol) ?

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  • Eleanbren

    Am disappointed. It was great great when she lost a few pounds but now its too much. not nice to look at

  • Luisatuisamoa

    OMG! Jennifer Hudson, you are my new role model. You look amazing! The hardest time is maintaining your weight loss, but your family and your health is priority.

  • O NO!

    You can take the fat out her body, but you sure the hell can’t take the fat our her head OMG

  • Mmabathon

    you look amazing

  • Ashley_love58

    she looks better thick

  • Ashley_love58

    she looks better thick

  • Ashley_love58

    she still looks amazing and beautiful but i guess im u used to thick jennifer

  • Ashley_love58

    she still looks amazing and beautiful but i guess im u used to thick jennifer

  • Vino’sGirl23

    i think she is still a role model for full figure girls…i mean im a full figure girl and i look up to her…she is a still a great singer and her weight lose was for health reasons.

  • Bamlist davis

    well first of all i’m a sept baba my self ,and i think she looks fab we are know for being complex peoples,but our thinking is never say never until you no you’ve tried it and that’s when you belive in your self and the sky becomes the limit,and she has been through so much so this is her way of proving and believing in her self again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!                                 I feel you,BCD

  • yoyo

    she is so amazing and beautiful and she always looks hot but now she is perfect. oh yeah.

  • Mcmoeletsane

    not good at all,God gave her the voice so now its lyk shes against God about giving her da big body.

  • Receptiondbn

    she looks great i like it.

  • Cherman

    i think people should just tell the truth all the time,she said she was happy being full figured and now she’s saying she lost all this weight to be healthy???? thats what Monique said,Missy Elliot,I could go on. Clearly the underlying message here is fat,curvy or full figured,whatever they want to call it, its unhealthy. smh