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Hello my loves!


So South African Twitter was seemingly “ablaze” yesterday with an apparent beef between TV Personality & now reality celeb, Nonhle Thema & (now former maybe) good friend & American photographer, Taye Hansberry. Nonhle’s reality show, “Nonhle Goes To Hollywood” is currently showing on South African television channel, Vuzu TV.

The “apparent” beef was due to Taye wanting to charge Nonhle US$350 for head-shots & Nonhle was not having it. Both had their reasons with Nonhle saying that the opportunity would give Taye global exposure & Taye saying, that’s how she makes her living, friend or not, Nonhle has to pay up.

Nonhle Thema

Scripted or not for me, I love the fact that African girls/women are now more than ever, taking control of their images & their stories and telling it from their vantage point….

And talking about African girls telling their stories, here’s one infamous South African vixen who is getting ready to let it all out, Karrine Steffan-style! Gotta love Khanyi Mbau for re-inventing herself & always staying relevant….

Khanyi Mbau

Not since Brenda Fassie – and to a lesser extent Lebo Mathosa – has South Africa been held in as much captive fascination as it has with ­Khanyisile Mbau.

In less than seven years the controversial girl-about-town has gone from unknown Jozi teen to a woman adored and deplored by men and women.

“I’ve been called a dumb gold-digger, someone who’s famous for nothing, who sleeps with old men and is a home-wrecker,” admits Mbau.

Now the sometime actress and singer is out to set the record straight – “so I can close this chapter and move on with my life”.

Mbau’s life story and its accompanying drama will be revealed in a biography being penned by City Press’s Lesley Mofokeng, who has worked in entertainment and pop culture journalism for 15 years.

The two have been at work for the past few weeks dissecting Mbau’s complicated life.

Mbau is quick to point out that this is not a story about a corrupted angel seeking sympathy or empathy.

“This book is not about that – I’m no angel. I’ve done things and portrayed my life in certain ways.


The media has sold me as this iron woman who is spoilt and does not care, and I’m partly to blame for that.

I’ve thrown tantrums on set, then went on to party too hard, then dated old men and let all my shenanigans be recorded.

“That’s how I sold my life, and it hurt to read the things written about me, but I’m owning it and taking responsibility,” says Mbau.

The socialite promises a titillating read that will expose “big names” in politics and the entertainment industry.

She has already roped in investors and a publisher, with a couple of chapters already written.

“This is a tangible project.

“It’s time for me to close the gold-digger chapter in my life and put things in perspective.

Magic formula

“I know there are people who’ve been wondering how a child with no brains, no education, has managed to stay relevant.

“Khanyi Mbau is a brand, a public figure. I have a magic formula,” she boasts.

“I want the book to come out on August 9, Women’s Day, because as a survivor of an abusive ­relationship I’m dedicating it to all the other strong women who survived.”

City Press



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  • Kaykay

    Ppl plz mind u own business,let hr fuck hr lyf n stop tlkin abt her shs nt tht important 2 ths country

  • zaa

    u d 1 hoz abusing yo self ,i wonder ukuthi injani ikuka yakho manje

  • Mary-Anne

    Does anybody really care?

  • Mbrink

    The only magic formula she has is that thing between her legs!!

  • wezy

    titillating read that will expose “big names” in politics and entertatianment industry? hope the exposure will be a positive one, if negative … does she think she’l live long?