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Chris Brown who’s latest album F.A.M.E is now out in stores, was invited for an interview and performance on “Good Morning America” hosted by Robin Roberts. From what I read and from what was mostly reported by TMZ, the singer was pushed to the limit and couldn’t take anymore!!!

All this is in reference to his interview conducted by Ms Roberts. According to Breezy’s management, they spoke to the producers of the show prior to the nterview and had agreed that no questions would be asked concerning the event that took place between him and ex-girlfriend Rihanna. However, when the camera’s started rolling, that agreement was overlooked. Robin Roberts asked questions about the Riri saga and when Chris Brown tried to avoid getting deeper into the topic (which to me was understandable), Roberts continued, despite seeing that he was uncomfortable.

I don’t usually take sides in matters such as these but I was very disturbed by the manner in which the interview was conducted. I thought that a show that was supposed to be a platform for the singer to promote his new album, look and image (As a changed persom who has learned from his mistakes), was abused and deliberately used to attack the star. It’s reported that the singer left the building fuming after the interview and cancelled his second performance on the show…

It was obvious to see that they (the show) were looking for some sort of negative response from Chris brown. Hence I wasn’t surprised with sudden headlines such as “Does Chris Brown Need Anger Management?”. Sure he may have taken it a bit too far by busting the window of his dressing room at the shows studio and ripping off his shirt, causing a huge scene in full view of the media but my question and main concern is “did they have to push him to that point?”.

Chris Brown has revealed that he is taking anger management classes before and has acknowledged that he has an anger problem, so the “anger” issue in essence was not the main issue. I have a problem with the media when it abuses its powers to control and attack the innocent (not saying Chris is completely innocent) and producing false/biased information to the public. From that incident alome GMA painted a picture of Chris Brown that said “he is not a changed man, is not ready to release an album yet and that he has huge issues with controlling his anger”.

In the past few months I’ve read numerous interviews on Rihanna in which she slightly taked about the incident. She on the other hand was respected when she did not want to comment or talk about the issue anymore. one or two line from her about her progress after Chris Brown etc, was more than enough. Hence I find it hard to understand why s few sentences from Chris Brown or nothing at all is not enough for the media to live by.

I personally feel like, he is being punished beyond measure for his mistakes which he fully acknowledges and says he has learned from. Why keep bringing the subject up in every interview? I believe Chris is now trying to rebuild and regroup himself as an artist and person and such negativity especially from the media will only push him backwards.

Well it’s a good thing that the star isn’t letting much of this affect his career which seems to be on a high yet again. His F.A.M.E album is already number 1 on iTunes and the reception from his fans is positive.


From your girl Allegro Dinkwanyane-“I’m just saying”, so have your say…


What are your views on this issue? Was Chris Brown wrong/right or did the show take it a bit too far?

I’m a passionate writer, who enjoys writing and informing people as well as learning new things. I love sports, the arts and music. I am a sports presenter of UJfm 95.4 as well as other things. Simply put, I am a dynamic young lady who wants to bring about chnage and have an impact in both the media industry and in people’s lives.

Allegro – who has written posts on Farai Today.

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  • Cougarsecurities

    He is a superstar and a has his flaws like we mere mortals. im a proud owner of his new cd and i must say its the best ive heard from anyone in 2 years

  • Allegro D

    @Cougarsecurities I’m glad you still support the artist for his talent and look beyond his flaws