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Lastnight I attended the premier of the Dreamgirls SA musical production at the Teatro Theatre in Monte Casino. I was excited about watching this production seeing as I had watched the movie before (countless times). A friend who had watched it before me, said it was spectacular and that I wouldn’t be disappointed. They were right, I LOVED IT!!!


From the first scene it was evident that the cast had been through blood, sweat and tears to perfect this production. At first I was captivated by “Jimmy” played by Bjorn Blignault…I thought he was better than Eddie Murphy in the movie (Jimmy got soul). He kept the audience glued to his every move. “Deena Jones” played by Tracey Lee Oliver was stunning, she nailed the accent and for a second I thought it was Beyonce talking (That’s how good she was). Her singing voice doesn’t quite match up to Beyonce’s but for “Deena” she was perfect. She and “Effie” (played by Lindiwe Bungane and at some parts by Caroline Borole) sang a duet of “Listen”. Lindiwe has a voice for days…pure talent. “Lorrelle” was played by Candida Mosoma, cute, funny and quite sqeecky. I loved the way she sang “But Jimmy don’t love Lorrell”, she had soul. Aubrey Poo played the deceiving “Curtis Taylor Jr”. Very refreshing, accent on point and the passion was there. Lebo Toko who played “CC White” was exceptional, he’s solo’s were very touching. Shane ‘Duke’ Wellington took on the role of  “Marty Madison” and he was just like Marty.

All the leads outdid themselves and the dancers along with the rest of the cast work well together. Timing was spot on, dance moves were perfected, props were in order and the wardrobe was insane. I still don’t get how they were able to change that quick…it was magical. The technical crew also delivered well, from the stage, to the sound and the lighting, it was all too perfect. The orchestra was simply phenomenal.

I don’t want to give away too much because I believe this is a must see. You gotta see it to really experince what I am saying here. I was left in awe at Effie’s voice, she give Jennifer Hudson a run for her money. Captivating the audience and nearly left me in tears, she was great. All three Dreamgirls were spectacular and and the fourth Dreamgirl, “Mitchelle” played by Hayley Christian was delivered the role as it were, she was fierce.

It was great to see the venue packed…Celebs, VIPs and socialites of all kind were there! I bumped into a couple of known faces. Jen Su was sitting behind me and despite being told not to take pictures, she kept flashing her camera…*SMH* I wonder! I also spotted radio presenter Dineo Ranaka, Somizi, Kabelo Mabalane, Model Stevel Marc and some actors from Isidingo (forgot their names…anyway).

Dreamgirls SA will take you on a musical dream and back! Go out and watch it…

The show is currently on stage at the Teatro Theatre (Johannesburg) and opens in Cape Town on the 8th June 2011.

From your girl Allegro Dinkwanyane-“I’m just saying”, so have your say…


Will you be watching Dreamgirls South Africa?

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  • Gareth09

    I watched the show and i left at the interval. If you are into R&B you might enjoy it, but if not, stay away