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Introducing our Guest Blogger Thando Thabethe. Below are her thoughts and advice to Vuzu’s reality shows “Nonhle Goes to Hollywood” and “Running with the reps”

Reality TV has hit the World by storm, with its initial birth being that of Allen Funt’s “candid camera” in 1948. Back then reality TV was just that…reality!!! Unscripted, unrehearsed, plain simple ordinary people who created extraordinary, entertaining and spontaneous moments.

A lot has changed since the forties, the viewer is no longer interested in matters that hit too close to home, suddenly “Keeping up with the Kardashians”, and “Dancing with the stars” became better options.

Although both reality shows are internationally produced South Africans just can’t seem to get enough of Kim K’s fake booty (we love her), Scott’s unruly behaviour and,what you and I would deem, the “unbearable” moves of the celebs featured on dancing with the stars.

Clearly the pull factor must be the viewer’surge to get the “inside scoop” of the glamorous lives of their favourite celeb…. And then came the birth of “Nonhle goes to Hollywood”  lol.

The idea sounds phenomenal, a South African girl who got her first taste of Hollywood by Hosting the ever so successful “O access”, who then goes on to be the global ambassador of Dark and Lovely products and is then ultimately given the opportunity to be the international face of youth oriented TV channel VUZU.

The glitz, the glamour, the challenges and shortcomings of trying to make it in “LA LA Land” all documented and packaged into a South African reality show focussing solely on the everyday life of an individual….a first for SA, sounds AMAZING doesn’t it.

When I first saw the promos for #NGTH (Nonhle Goes To Hollywood) I thought woooooow….

Much to my disappointment when I saw the first episode *yawn*. It was badly shot, the sound is horrendous, each scene is monotonous and takes way too long to get to the point…to put it in a nutshell it can easily be mistaken for Africa magic’s “Beyonce and Rihanna” movie (no hate on Nollywood). Now don’t get me wrong, I have absolutely nothing against African productions, but the promos together with title, “Nonhle goes to Hollywood” portrayed a high quality, glamorous take on Miss Thema’s quest to hitting the big time.

We are all tying to her show some love by making it a trending topic in SA on Twiiter each week the show is on but enough is enough! Someone has got to tell her the truth…

Dear Nonhle: We love the concept and vision behind your show but please go back to the drawing board. You have been giving a great opportunity to do something with your “reality show”, use the platform before someone else is given the opportunity. I thank you!!!


Now from one reality show to another…still on the same channel

The 4th of March marked the premiere of yet another South African reality show “Running with the reps” which documents the lifestyle of one of the biggest dance crews in South Africa…The Repetoires featuring Mike, Larry, Ellipsis, The Thundercats, Nthato and Chama, are a dance crew established in 2006, who for many years have had teenage girls throwing their a-cup bras at them (lol). I had a chat with crew leader and mastermind behind RWTR (Running With The Reps) Larry over BBM (don’t judge, blame technology), who was very keen to fill me in, here’s how our convo went…

Faraitoday: Who are the Reps?

Larry: Well the reps has turned into an entity which was built from The repertoires(the dance crew)…so Reps is basically the company as a whole, which specialises in encouraging the youth to go bigger and better. We also have young upcoming talent also signed to the reps and repertoires as the dance crew

F: Speaking of youth, the Thunderkats are now part of the reps, who are they and where did you find them or did they find you?

L: The Thundakats is actually slang for “the young guys” they have been with us for ages and they are like our little brothers, they just add the craziest young vibe to us the senior members of the crew. They also run their own company called deluxe ENT. And throw the craziest under age parties, look out for the next “candy store party”

F: YEP!!! We’ve seen their craziness on RWTR…now you guys have been a crew, a popular one at that for a long time, you have also been known for throwing parties I remember your Transkei days, lol, but we didn’t see a reality show coming, whose idea was it?

L:It was actually my idea…I know my boys and we are so crazy…we’ve been through so much and I just felt we wanted everyone to know who we are especially cause we always known as the bad guys and the bad boys of the industry…but everyone talks and instead of talking we wanted them to see.. Perception sometimes isn’t a good thing you know.

F: Do you think RWTR has portrayed you in the manner that you would like to be perceived?

L:Yeah, because really this is who we are….please understand we were popular amongst the youth for a long time and when we started we got so much attention and we loved it but we didn’t know how to treat people because we thought we were untouchable…we took some years off the scene to grow as people, so we could advance our brand… and we knew we would be back this hard-core. This is exactly what we wanted people to see about us

F: Sounds amazing, but you do have some competition…Nonhle goes to Hollywood

What is your honest take on the show *BBM raised eyebrow emoticon*

L: Lol, it’s a great show *giggles* it’s not competition because she is living the dream and we are trying to build towards that dream…

F: Okaaay Larry that sounds very noble of you, now what are your TRUE thoughts in terms of production quality, also how it has been received by audiences in comparison with RWTR?

L: Look I know people haven’t liked it a lot in terms of social networks, but on the real people, the fact that people are still talking about it shows that it has made its’ impact…but there were so many things she could have improved on, we’ve come to a stage where we not looking at things and saying “it’s good for a South African show” we need to be able to compete internationally, and I’m sure Nonhle herself has learnt from these mistakes.

A lot can be learnt be learnt from the Reps particularly when

South Africans leave absolutely no room for growth by feeding each other undeserving compliments on social networks. Reality shows are as much about the reality as they are about the actual show.  The only way we can move forward is if we can give constructive criticism; take it from dj Naves if not from me….

RT @DJNaves @ Larryngitis great show boiits much better than that othersh*t …*cough*


That’s my 2cents ke kopa change…

By: Thando Thabethe


Have you watched both show? What are your thoughts?

I’m a passionate writer, who enjoys writing and informing people as well as learning new things. I love sports, the arts and music. I am a sports presenter of UJfm 95.4 as well as other things. Simply put, I am a dynamic young lady who wants to bring about chnage and have an impact in both the media industry and in people’s lives.

Allegro – who has written posts on Farai Today.

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