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Hello Fashionista’s!


Renowned South African designer David Tlale wrapped up the 2011 Johannesburg Fashion Week with his fashion show making history at the Nelson Mandela Bridge.

What is said to be one of the longest runways, the ramp was approximately 284M long.

The show was almost marred by rainy weather but thank goodness, it cleared just in time for David to show case some of his best works from his 2011 Autum/Winter collection.

The show, which was scheduled to start at 10:30PM, was late, super later. As in 3 hours late & folks were not having it! Twitter was  abuzz with people not happy at having to wait 3 hours for the show to begin! It was freezing & who really waits that long for a fashion show? Really? I still love David but 3 hours?

Songstress Lira unexpectedly entertained the crowd while everyone waited for the show to begin.

Despite the 3-hour day, it was great to see so many people actually coming out that late to catch David’s show. Almost all the influential people I know were there. I was also sitting right across from one of South Africa’s richest couple, mining magnate Patrice Motsepe and his wife, business mogul in her own right, Dr. Precious Moloi-Motsepe.

I was kinda shocked to see Patrice Motsepe standing before the show started because there were no seats available (although the view for those standing was better). That was odd because Joburg Fashion Week is his wife’s event. Someone in event’s planning was not on top of their game! Luckily the organisers sorted everything out and he was seated with his beautiful wife.

Patrice Motsepe & Dr. Precious Motsepe

The show finally started and the bridge came alive. David, who was driven onto the bridge on a motorbike ,made a grand entrance and had this to say about the show starting late (3 hours late):

“Sorry for keeping you late. But we are at THE bridge. Somebody’s gotta make an entrance. Let the show begin!”

(Can somebody say diva!!! )

David had all the top models in South Africa on his ramp and a couple of celebrities representing different styles of what he thought they should look like. I loved the fact that most of his collection was so “unlike” David. He surprised a lot of people and set the fashion bar high.

The models all came out covering their pieces in black cloth (it was almost a bit spooky and the music gave me chills). They joined David at the center of the bridge. The idea was for him to control the runway. At that length & with 92 models (representing Nelson Mandela’s age), someone had to control the runway! David was standing on stage in the middle of the bridge and held numbers representing each model. So each time he held up a number, the model represented by that number would step down and strut their stuff. I loved the concept! It definitely kept us glued on the models.

Some of the celebrity models included:

  • Singer Relo
  • Olympic Gold medalist swimmer Roland Schoeman
  • Radio personality Azania Ndoro
  • Former Miss SA (2003) Joan Ramagoshi
  • National soccer player Matthew Booth and his wife Sonia Booth
  • Businesswoman Gerry Rantseli
  • Noni Gasa
  • Former Miss SA (2008) Tatum Keshwar
  • Jen Su


I thought the show was worth the wait. I loved the fact the almost all his pieces could be worn straight from the ramp. He catered for the corporate woman, the sassy diva, the elegant well rounded woman, the sophisticated man and the casual man. The music was bananas!

The female models shoes were the “bizniz”, except for one model who looked like she was going to fall at any minute (I think something was wrong with the edge of her heels, she could barely walk)…and when you think about how long the ramp was *sigh*.

The final model to come out was former Miss SA, Tatum Keshwar, who wore a beautiful long white gown detailed at the top. (I must say, I was expecting the “Queen Modjadji” model who wore the beautiful red stoned head piece to come out last, seeing that it would fit with the whole concept…but anyway *shrugs*)

I caught up with an emotional David Tlale who was trying to escape the madness at the bridge. It was clear that he was proud of his work. I spoke to his mother and all she could say was;

“I thank God for blessing me with David”

Some actors from the Hollywood soap “The Bold and The Beautiful” were also there. I hope they enjoyed the show. Now they can go back to Hollywood knowing that the Johannesburg Fashion Week can match up with the likes of  New York Fashion week.

From your girl, Allegro Dinkwanyane, “I’m just sayin“, so have your say….


What did you think of


David Tlale’s 2011 Autum/Winter Collection


showcase at the Nelson Mandela bridge?

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