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Hi guys!

We are in awe of your magical, majestic continent.

The world followed the Irish mega music-group U2 to South Africa, particularly Johannesburg on 13th February and then Cape Town, last night ….

U2 in South Africa

…and I know this is a little too late but I’d walk away shamed if I did not update you on what happened at the U2 concert in Johannesburg.

As you guys recall, we were in the building last week Sunday (a day after N.E.R.D gave a killa performance at the Hansa Legends in the making tour). I was still recovering from my “night out with Pharrell Williams” (hehehe) and couldn’t make the U2 concert held at the FNB stadium (formerly Soccer City) in Johannesburg. The minute I saw twitpics of the stage (above) I was beyond jealous…

(from left) Adam Clayton, The Edge, Bono, Larry Mullen, Jr.

P.S: I refuse to make this post about Steve Hofmeyer and politics and the “who misquoted who?”…U2 deserves all the attention right now!

Fans gathered at both the Jo’burg & Cape Town stadiums earlier on in the afternoon and awaited the performance of a lifetime by Bono and his band mates. The concert, which was sold out (from the images I could gather, lol) was a phenomenon. South Africa’s premier Big Brother, Bra Hugh Masekela performed with U2 at the Jo’burg concert to their hit song, “Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For”…

Bono (our fave celeb activist)

Not only did U2 perform all their greatest hits, “Walk on”, “ A Moment of Surrender”, “Stand By Me”, “Elevation”, “In The Name of Love” etc. but they also gave their fans a concert to remember decades from today…it was that good. South African group The Springbok Nude Girls and Mali duo Amadou & Mariam (known as “the blind couple from Mali“) were the opening acts.

Very few international artists get the support and respect that U2 got here in South Africa. This could arguably be the greatest concert of 2011 for South Africa.

Fans in Cape Town

U2 rocked hard in Cape Town last night. All I can say is Cape Town was treated to an amazing and grand show which included a duet with Africa’s Princess, Yvonne Chaka Chaka! (I’m still kicking myself for missing this one). SIGH *side-eyes* Pharrell #twittertendencies

Yvonne Chaka Chaka & U2

From your girl Allegro Dinkwanyane -“I’m just saying”, so have your say….


Jo’burg, Cape Town


What did y’all think of U2’s performance???

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