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David Tlale honours NELSON “Madiba” MANDELA with Iconic Show At Jo’burg Fashion Week

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Hi my loves!

I do love South Africa’s premier diva and one of South Africa’s most revered fashion designers, David Tlale!

With David Tlale in New York City, Mercedes Fashion Week

I am “super, super” excited that David will be revealing his 2011 Autumn/Winter collections, “Made in the City” on the Nelson Mandela Bridge (Braamfontein) at Joburg Fashion Week on 19 February, 2011.

“The City of Johannesburg is buzzing with vibrant energy, urban structures and all that is reflective of the 21st Century Africa and it boasts one of the most respected statesman, Madiba, as its resident. So, I will send out 92 models down the Nelson Mandela Bridge, each one representing every year that Madiba has lived: his age. This is huge,” boasts David Tlale.

David Tlale (m) & Melody Thornton of PussyCat Dolls

Being the first designer to ever showcase on a monumental structure such as the Nelson Mandela Bridge, Tlale says that there’s a calculated reason behind this decision.

“I’m really excited about this collection because we have also gone back to the drawing board and captured the essence of fashion design and infused it with the David Tlale aesthetic. It symbolizes a new direction and captures the essence of city life,” adds Tlale.

The marriage of fabrics, color and accessories always plays a huge role in a David Tlale collection; therefore the Autumn/Winter 2011 collection is no exception. David infused hard and soft fabrics, experimented with color and has drawn from tribal influences to materialize his collection titled “Made In The City.”

David Tlale (m) & Melody Thornton of PussyCat Dolls

To accessorise this collection, David formed a strategic partnership with the Joburg-based Anglo-Platinum Limited, who will fully complement his collection.

Modjadji Crown

One of the 18 jewellery pieces that were specially designed for David Tlale’s show by Djadji Platinum

The plain and corrugated visor-like headband is Sterling silver and weighs 3.85kg.

Beve Boekhout, Centre Manager for the SPI (DTI Seda Platinum Incubator scheme) says: “This is a natural collaborative partnership of two design disciplines where the fashion buyer is given a complete solution in the merchandising of locally produced and beneficiated indigenous resources. This is an organic relationship for the SPI in that David Tlale is able to share his success recipe with our incubating jewellery entrepreneurs in following with the pillars of our business development program.”

The David Tlale fashion showing will be staged as the finale show of the Joburg Fashion Week which runs from 15-19 February at various locations around the City of Joburg.







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