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The Media

The Hansa Pilsner Legends in the making tour came to an end this past Saturday (12 Feb 2011). To start things off I attended the media conference hours before the concert kick-off at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Sandton, Johannesburg.

The Hansa Pilsner local Legends in the making artists included Afro-pop group Malaika, Zuluboy, Freedom, Futuresound, Kwela Tebza, Vusi as well as DJs Tira and DMos.

Tshidi from Malaika

2 of the Kwela Tebza brothers

Speaking at the media conference ahead of the concert, Brand Campaign Manager of Hansa Pilsner, Refilwe Maluleke said “this tour is about giving Hansa consumers an opportunity to see and experience the special ingredient that we see in these incredibly talented musicians, while also Hansa Pilsner’s special ingredient, the kiss of the Saaz hop.”

Refilwe Maluleke

It was also revealed that Hansa is now the main sponsor for the 12th version of the Cape Town Jazz Festival.


Futuresound gave us a taste of what they are all about, performing while we waited for Pharrell and N.E.R.D to enter the media conference. Pharrell and N.E.R.D landed in the country on Friday night straight out of Dubai where they had been performing at the Dubai Festival City as part of the Dubai Bike week.

This was not N.E.R.D’s first performance in South Africa, they last performed in the country in 2006 at the People’s Concerts hosted in Johannesburg.

I was seated in the front row (had to make sure I get a perfect view of Mr. Williams, lol) and waited patiently for their arrival. They were a couple of minutes late and I must say they also looked tired. Pharrell even went as far as to explain how “jetlagged” he was and how weird it is to not know what time it is (this after greeting us good morning when it was actually good afternoon, lol).

I got the opportunity of asking both Pharrell and Shay 3 questions:

FaraiTodaySA: Hi my name is Allegro, senior editor of FaraiTodaySA. I’d like to know from you Pharrell, do you still have plans of releasing the CRS album with Kanye and the rest?

Pharrell: yeah, uhm we’d like to do that but it’s hard to try and get three artists in one studio at the same time. We are all so busy with other projects but I love them though. They are like my brothers but yeah it will happen in the future”.

FaraiTodaySA: I want to know from the both of you what do you think of youngsters Willow and Justin Bieber breaking into the music industry AND what is your opinion of the current state of the music industry as compared to 20 years ago when you first entered?

Pharrell: I love it! To start with your first question…I think Justin is phenomenal and Willow, wow! It’s funny cause she was in my studio like 2 years ago and it was interesting to watch her, she is definitely making her mark.

About the current state of the music industry…I’m loving the change, I’m so excited that music is changing. 20 years in the game and for me I think music has to change and what excited 10 years ago is non-existent today and hence we need to keep it going. It excites me, now it’s time for change.

Shay: I’m all for Bieber because of my 6 year old daughter. She’s a big fan and we play his music everyday in the car when I take her to school. I actually find myself singing along to his song, you know…and Willow too she is amazing and I like what they are doing.

As for the music industry, I wanna step it up!

(This was the final question asked at the media conference and straight after that I got my picture moment with Pharrell…HEAVEN!!!).

Pharrell looks 25, I still can’t believe that he’s 38. He still didn’t reveal his secret for looking so fine at his age all he said was “well I guess you just gotta take care of yourself and your skin. Naomi Campbell taught me this years ago and I’m blessed with great skin”

Responding to a question about Chad, Pharrell said: “Chad is a family guy at home in Virginia and working on other projects as well”.

Pharrell also revealed that yes, he did go for lazer treatment to remove some of his tattoos on his arms and how painful it was “I looked like Popeye with my arms swelled up, but yeah”.

As “jetlagged” as they both were Pharrell promised that we can expect lots of energy during their performance.

When asked what other profession he would have chosen if it weren’t for music Pharrell answered: “I’d be an art teacher” and Shay “I had no plan B, this is it”.

Pharrell revealed that they have hopes of coming back again to the country for a 3rd time and actually working closely with local artists and giving their fans much more than they can expect.


I loved the fact that he (Pharrell) was not shy with the compliments and was very friendly and honest. He said “I love Africa and the women are so beautiful, like really. They come in all types, it’s almost like they fall from the same tree…”

Images: Monde Nyovane

Look out for part 2 of this concert coverage in the next post.

From your girl Allegro Dinkwanyane-“I’m just saying”, so have your say…


What did you think of N.E.R.D?

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