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Hi guys & dolls

According to MovieFone:

In one of of the more creative (and hilarious) ad campaigns we’ve seen so far this year, Tyler Perry‘s upcoming film ‘Madea’s Big Happy Family’ has been releasing these spoof posters that place Perry’s Madea character inside the posters for some of the Best Picture Oscar nominees. So far we’ve seen one for ‘Black Swan’ (retitled ‘The Real Black Swan’), and now Cinematical is happy to exclusively premiere two more.

After the jump, scope out two new one-sheets that inject a little bit of Madea into the posters for ‘True Grit’ and ‘The King’s Speech’ (retitled ‘True Grits’ and ‘The Queen’s Speech’).

Tyler Perry‘s ‘Madea’s Big Happy Family’ hits theaters on April 22.

Very funny!

The 2011 SuperBowl came and went yesterday! This had to be a fun but nerve-wrecking game to watch especially if you were all about the #BlackAndYellow (Pittsburgh Steelers) like me! But kudos to #GreenAndYellow (GreenBay Packers) for great play!!

So of course, a favorite past-time during the SuperBowl game is watching the commercials. Here some of our favorites from this year…

SuperBowl Ad 1 (Eminem for Imported from Detroit – Chrysler):

My most favorite 2011 SuperBowl Ad! I always said Detroit is one of those cities you acquire a taste for. You don’t fall in love with her immediately like say Cape Town or New York City. But spend significant time in Detroit, you will grow to love her quite resilience and fortitude, her deep historical and cultural roots, her people, her ingenuity…♥ her!

SuperBowl Ad 2 (Eminem for Brisk):

SuperBowl Ad 2 (Baby & Peppers the Cat for E*Trade):

SuperBowl Ad 2 (The Pug for Doritos):

SuperBowl Ad 3 (Kitchen Makeover for Bud Light):

SuperBowl 4 (Justin Beiber & Ozzy Osbourne for Best Buy):



Your Thoughts Guys & Dolls?!?


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