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Morning Inspiration From Beyonce’s Dad, Matthew Knowles & BET’s Terrence J!

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Hola guys & dolls

Here is some morning inspiration as you start you day!

Our fave entertainer, Beyonce‘s Dad, Matthew Knowles, shares his “American story”. What really stood out from his ‘American story” for me was this:

We paid a lot of attention to what our kids’ dreams were. Entertainment was the thing that they love and singing, so we focused on making sure they had dance lessons and vocal lessons and things that they needed and wanted to do. Whatever my kids wanted, I wanted to be the dad that supported their dream and supported their passion.

But we came from an environment where family was important and a lot of love. To be where we are today, truly reflects America and the opportunities that exist in America. Our kids, Beyonce, Solange and Kelly saw their parents work extremely hard everyday. I think those work ethics is what really drives them today.

I tell young people never give up on their dreams. It won’t happen the first time…even Destiny’s Child, they got dropped by a major record label before they got signed. I just think that one of the things we always have to remember is that it’s not going to be perfection. I think that if we realize that we work toward a common goal, inside of negatively is often an opportunity…

Over on Twitter, BET’s 106&Park co-host, Terrence J had this to say:

Today is a new day. A new opportunity to follow your dreams. Take advantage of this blessing. Take that leap. Whatever your dream is, you have to step towards it. The more steps you take, the more the universe will conspire to assist you.

If you want to run a label, quit your job at the bank & intern at a label. If you want to be a doctor, apply to school today, etc. I wanted to act, so every week I go to acting school for 14 hours, study film & actors, read about projects, etc. Once I took steps, roles came.

A girl replied, “how can I pay my bills if I quit my job to follow my dreams?” – when following your dreams u will be temporarily inconvenienced. Tyler Perry was HOMELESS years before becoming a MILLIONAIRE. Only you can determine the amount of sacrifice ur dreams are worth.

Before 106&Park, I had a job making 30k, but I wasn’t happy. I quit. Moved to NY, worked small jobs to get by, & lived on @FredWhit FLOOR 8 MONTHS!

Everybody has a different story. You may have kids, mortgage, bills, etc.

But God is powerful.

There is always a way to follow your dreams. I just meet so many people that want to reach their goals & then complain when it sounds hard! Go watch “Pursuit of Happiness” lol

Anyway I gotta roll, I hope I reached at least one person today. God bless you all…

Hope you were inspired like we were….

What Are You Doing Today…


Towards Pursuing Your Dreams??!?


Holla back & let us know your thoughts….

Muah & ♥ ya for it!

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