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African Girls Rock! FaraiToday Fab Girl Of The Month – NONHLE THEMA!

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Hi guys & dolls!

This is a new feature on for 2011! African Girls Rock! FaraiToday Fab Girl Of The Month! Our goal is to celebrate our African celebs, legends & icons, particularly our African girls & women that are making it happen world-wide! So every month, we will select an African person every month that reflects the best there is out of Africa! Those that are established and those of you that are rising….we will be celebrating you!

So without further  ado, this African fab chic makes our heart swell with pride! She does TV so flawlessly, so fabulously and she represents us on the global stage very lovely too! You’ve seen her on M-NET Channel O’s O Access and now daily on Vuzu TV’s V-Entertainment! Her latest project is a new reality show, “Nonhle Goes To Hollywood”…

For the inaugural FaraiToday Fab Person Of The Month, we selected South Africa’s NONHLE THEMA!!

We caught up with Nonhle Thema in an exclusive interview: Firstly congratulations on the moves you are making! Definitely our readers are loving some Nonhle Thema & asking when are we gonna do an interview with South Africa “media-mogul-in-the-making”…so thanks for taking questions for the interview! You rock doll!

Nonhle Thema: Thank you hon. Blush, blush! Let’s get right to it! Nonhle Thema, the brand is growing fast & rapidly – what does this mean to you?

Nonhle Thema: It’s insane I tell you! I sometimes sit in meetings and listen to people referring to me like I am some sort of a machine and I’m like “hold up, Nonhle Thema is still a person, not just a business” (laughs). But I have been working hard to get here. Its been 8 years of having to prove I am not just a pretty face on TV but I’m able to add more value in all aspects of the entertainment business. I never imagined that I, Nonhle Thema would be able to take care of my family financialy and show the world God’s love in such a way.
. You were absolutely amazing on Channel O’s O Access, interviewing A-list celebs in music….who were some of your absolute favorite interviews to do?
Nonhle Thema: Thank You very much…Wow! O Access was an awesome journey! So having done 4 seasons of the show, I got to travel the world to place like USA, Jamaica, Canada, London, Portugal. I really enjoyed interviewing A list stars like Lady Gaga, 50cent, Pharell Williams, Chris Brown, Rihanna, Kelly Rowland, Robin Thicke, P Diddy and soo many more!
. You have credited South African actress (Muvhango on SABC 2), beauty queen & mother, Cynthia Shange, as your major source of inspiration! But how did you get started in the competitive field of television and then be so successful at it?

Nonhle Thema: It was just destiny. My mom always says the moment I was born she knew something was special. All that I am is because of God and the great parents He chose for me. My mother is my Idol. She did sooooo much for our country, South Africa! Being the first Black woman to represent South Africa in the Miss World Pageant in 1972. That’s a major achievement and my father Derrick Thema is a respected journalist and writer. So when I started modeling at an early age I knew I was created to continue my mother’s legacy…Thats how I have managed to survive the entertainment industry for nearly a decade because my source of inspiration was always pure, genuine and sincere. So you did very well at Channel O, hosting O Access for 4 very successful seasons! Then got the lucrative Dark & Lovely Contract, replacing uber fab chic, Kelly Rowland (so you know you had to be awesome to take over!) and now you are the Face of VUZU, the South African television network that focuses on the youth market…have you been conscious in how you selected each project? How has this come about for you?

Nonhle Thema: Yes I was and always have been very strategic on the work I chose. I have said I got into this business for a purpose and not fame or just to be be on TV. So I always knew I wanted to become a brand that was credible, respected and that was influencial to others. So the jobs that I chose had to reflect my character and my long term goals. I won’t lie, having chosen God, He has proven that He has Chosen me as His child. Because jobs like “Global Ambassador” for the number one hair care brand in the world is Him I give credit to. Actually He gets credit for all that I am… One thing that I love about you, is that you give God credit and are very comfortable in praising Him for what He has done in your life. How important is your relationship with Christ & how do you manage that with your hectic schedule?

Nonhle Thema: Thank You for this question. When I was still entering beauty pageants, I was not doing it for the correct reasons. I was a bit self absorbed and not letting God choose where and what He wanted me to do. Only when I lost a major pageant I started my new relationship with God. I totally surrendered to Him at  age 21 and I said “you Lord are my Master and Creator. Only You know what my DESTINY and PURPOSE on earth are. Therefore I allow You to take over me and show me the way in order for me to find peace and fulfillment” and after that phase in my life, boy did He answer me. He started bringing all sorts of work to me and my relationship with Him kept getting deeper and deeper till today 8 years later, I feel He understands me and I understand what He wants me to do.. Talk to us about your position as the face of Dark & Lovely…because most of us actually see your face on television here in the USA on BET, TV One, Centric etc

Nonhle Thema: That is awesome! I was first chosen as the Face for the NEW Dark & Lovely Body Lotion which launched April 2009…..a few moths after that I got a call whilst I was filming O Access in  Los Angeles. My agent was like they “L’Oreal bosses” are so happy with your work, profile and character they have decided to not renew Kelly Rowland’s contract as they want you to represent the brand as a WHOLE. I was speechless. I couldn’t believe it! After meeting all the bosses of L’Oreal world wide in New York, I signed my new contract stating that I will represent Dark and Lovely globally. Meaning my TV commercial and bill-board will be all over the world like the USA, Canada, Jamaica, France, UK and Africa. In all the magazines, posters, salons and everywhere. Also my responsibility is to do talks on inspiration to young women around the world…Its been a God sent project as I’m also the first African the company has chosen to represent them globally. So when I do talks to young girls all over I start by using my life as a vehicle of inspiration and encouragement that any thing is possible. If me as a girl from Soweto can do it, why can’t you…I always wanted to be a person who influences others on a positive note.. You are like the Ryan Seacrest of South Africa. Now you are on every other day (you alternate as TV Host for V Entertainment) with Siya…how to you prepare for dishing out celeb scoop?

Nonhle Thema: Hosting V Entertainment on Vuzu TV is the best job ever for me. It was a huge growth from what I was doing on Channel O. I love the fact that its live everyday and that we have yet again done something that has never been done in Africa. We also have an awesome team who work on the show. They research all latest gossip and news and we just have to deliver it to our viewers in our own way. The team is world class and being part of Vuzu is my new journey which is why I felt it was time to say good bye to O Access and embrace a new challenge of putting Vuzu TV on the map… You launched Nonhle Thema Productions, and with your production company, you recently produced and appeared on LIQUIDEEP’S new music video, “Fairytale” which I absolutely love by the way…great shooting & awesome edit job! Congratulations with this latest venture…what is Nonhle Thema Productions all about? You tweeted that “my aim with Nonhle Thema productions is to tell stories’…can you elaborate on that please?

Nonhle Thema: Nonhle Thema (N.T) productions has been a long time coming. I always wanted to produce music videos as I spent 5 years on Channel O in the music video environment. I therefore fell in love with it. When I was approached to do FairyTale video, I was so happy. I always remember the day I listened to the lyrics and my business partners “Don’t Look Down Productions” were convinced this was the best video to produce, appear in and launch my company. So, yes it worked out very well. I chose the job because Liquideep’s lyrics spoke to me and I felt it was the type of credible story-telling project I always wanted to be involved with…I want to tell stories through N.T productions. I wanna be able to take artists lyrics and transform them into pictures like the story we delivered in Fairytale. It was our own version of “Cinderella”…those are the type of projects I’ll take that inspire, uplift and are credible to everyone that watches. I know you are working on your next N.T project and you have a reality show in the works…share with us on those projects?

Nonhle Thema: I have a lot on my plate! Sometimes I joke with my manager and agent and say “can I get a clone” (laughs)…But yeah, I had a new show during the 2010 World Cup on SuperSport Channel called “Woza 2010”. My job was to be at all events and festivities surrounding the World Cup. I interviewed all the celebs that were in South Africa to perform or just to mingle. That was fun to do! I also still hosting on Vuzu TV and I’m working on other shows with the channel where I might also not necessarily be the Host. I want to nurture new talent and help bringing them up and N.T productions has been born and lots of artists have approached me to work on their music videos. but I will continue to pick credible ventures. I’m not just in it for money but for a deeper meaning. I’m also going to produce TV shows,commercials and so much more. I am excited about my new reality show “Nonhle Goes To Hollywood” which will be exclusive to Vuzu TV channel 123 on DSTV starting on the 9th of February at 7:30 nightly. This has not been done before by an African celeb… Congratulations on your new reality show “Nonhle Goes To Hollywood”. I love that you stay busy Nonhle, so what about love life, anyone special in your life right now?

Nonhle Thema: ha ha ha…..I’m dating…I have met amazing people in my life but it was just at wrong times. I do believe timing is everything. I’m confident that I will meet someone whom I’m totally in-sync with and who will Love God more than me. Thats’ a must for me. I’m just letting God work in me. Marriage and kids will come once the timimg is right. You have accomplished so much at such as young age – definitely as media-mogul-in-the-making, what else is Nonhle aspiring to do, to conquer?

Nonhle Thema: Wow! I have a lot of dreams!  Most importantly I wanna continue to be true to myself and continue focusing on my relationship with God because when I’m in tune with Him, He helps me accomplish what my heart desires. I always remind myself I am not in a race. Like I have been talking to Him about a dream to have my own fragrance,write a book one day and to do more in helping others through my Nonhle Angels Program where I mentor young people who want to get into my field. I also speak to the youth about career guidance, peer pressure, grooming and self esteem. I wanna continue to influence people and to make them realize that anything is possible to achieve. It just starts with a dream, hard work, patience, God’s love, determination and purpose. What is a typical day in Nonhle Thema’s life & what do you do for fun?

Nonhle Thema: I’m always working. But spending time with my best friend, my mother is what I hold dearly to my heart. Family time is very important to me as it also keeps me sane and stable in this industry that can be very fake….. Muchias gracias doll for answering the questions & looking forward to hearing more from N.T Productions! Kudos on your new reality show on Vuzu TV “Nonhle Goes To Hollywood”! That’s major!!

Nonhle Thema: Thanks! One last thing I would like to say, THANK YOU to all my fans, friends and supporters who have shown me love from DAY ONE! MUCH LOVE TO YOU ALL!


How Much Are We Loving NONHLE THEMA!


Holla back & let us know what you think!

Love ya for it!

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