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A: Alicia Keys

The soulful singer shocked her fans around the world when her “affair” with rapper/producer Swizz Beatz made headlines. She was called a shameful home wrecker and lost some fans who now say they don’t believe her music anymore. Well Keys and Swizz are now happily married with a new born son Egypt in their lives.

B: Barcelona

As an avid football fan, I enjoyed watching Barcelona hammer Real Madrid 5-0 Real on the 29th November 2010…a game not even Christiano Ronaldo will ever forget.


Her pregnancy rumours had many up in arms, and some happy that she would finaly join the list of pregnant women celebrities in 2010. However, B & J are still rolling solo with no baby. The singer is set to release her new album in 2011.

C: Connie Ferguson

The rumour spread like a wild fire soon after South African actress Connie Ferguson announced her departure from local soap Generations after 16 years of service. It was alleged that her actor husband Shona Ferguson had had an affair with one of her collegues fellow actress Kagiso Rakosha. However, Shona and Kagiso both explained that they barely know each other.


Khloe Kardashian says this is her new favourite word after Brutal Fruit nicknamed their new cranberry flavor “cheeky”. #BFCheeky

D: Drake

Apart from scooping awards and dropping hit after hit. Young Money rapper Drake made headlines in twitville and blogville for his “alleged” marriage to fellow stable mate Nicki Minaj. The two pulled one of the most talked about twitter pranks that helped create hype around Nicki’s “Pink Friday” debut album. After they had their fun they declared the marriage “annulled”. (Was fun while it lasted)…

E: Eva Longoria-Parker

Still can’t believe that beautiful Eva and her hunky soon to be ex-husband Tony have called it quits. Eva filed for a divorce after finding out her husband’s shady cheating that is said to have been going on for quite some time. (Such a shame L).

F: Feather Awards 2010

The 2nd annual Feather Awards in South Africa were a hit for a second time in a row and promise to put back that spark of fun in laughter in the industry that can be “so serious” sometimes.

G: Gyllenhaal & Taylor Swift

Never mind their huge age difference, these two lovebirds Jake and Taylor seem to be enjoying their new romance (can’t say I’m not jealous). At least this time around Taylor’s name is not connected to that of Kanye West. Wishing them all the best, think she should ask Katie Holmes for tips.

Gay Pride

An annual event hosted by gay people in South Africa, Johannesburg to celebrate their “gayness”. I enjoyed the hype around it and seeing people come out and speak proudly about their sexuality.

H: Halle Berry

This gorgeous actress graced red carpets across the globe looking smashing and proving that age is indeed just a number. However, she also made headlines after she and model boyfriend and father of her daughter split. The two say the age difference started to take it’s tall on them after 5 years. Halle’s ex is now rumoured to be dating Kim Kardashian, while Halle is happily in love with her actor boyfriend Olivier Martinez.


Johannesburg woke up to a pretty ring around the sun on the 1st of November this year. This ring/rings (As some saw more than one) are said to be a halo. I still don’t know what it symbolized or what caused it but it was both a pretty and scary sight.

I: Illuminati

All black errrrthang. Too scared to elaborate on this one (Google it!)

J: Jabulani

The official 2010 match ball that was supposed to live up to its name and make people happy turned out to be a bit of a disaster at the feet of soccer players. I think the only player that “connected” with Jabulani was Diego Forlan…(he mastered the ball).

Justin Bieber

The teen sensation broke onto the music scene and immediately made waves. Scooping awards at almost every music awards ceremony, Justin Bieber has the world in his hands. He also knows how to capitalize on his name and is producing anything that is anything that can keep making him cash. From a nail polish line, a book, comic books, and a 3D documentary. Go Bieber!!!

Julius Malema

I must say “Juju” has been rather quite after his “tjatjarag” remarks earlier in the year. Comedian’s such as Trevor Noah expect a lot from Julius, to keep their crowds laughing.


Dj Professor made this term famous via his hit album featuring a hit single titled “Jezebel”. Apparently a Jezebel is a girl who loves Dj’s/the Dj’s girlfriend #enuffsaid

Jaden Smith

Following in his father’s steps, Jaden Smith is hitting the big screen big time. Giving a heartfelt performance in Karate Kid, he looks set to owning an Oscar not so far from today.

K: Kanye West

Where ever Kanye is, there’s bound to be some sort of hype. He took twitter by storm and shocked the world with his original sleeve cover of his latest album (that was banned). It really is “His beautiful dark twisted fantasy”…

Katlego “Killa” Mphela

This time around, this South African football star didn’t make headlines for scoring goals. Instead he shocked “Sunday World” readers across the country, when he’s story was published in the Sunday paper. He claimed that he was being stalked…#enuffsaid

The Kardashian’s (Kim & Khloe)

 They came to South Africa and, got “stranded” (as Kim over-reacted) and left the country…all in the name of #BFCheeky. Kim was the international ambassador for the drink that was launching its new Cranberry flavor.

L: Lil’ Wayne

#FreeWeezy was the order of the day for Weezy fans across the globe who impatiently waited for the rappers release from prison in November. Well he’s a free man now and one can only wonder what he’s gonna do next!


This South African singer made the country proud by being the first ever South African artist to have her record released on Blu Ray.

Lindsay Lohan

Rehab, rehab and more rehab for this fallen actress. Poor girl, hope 2011 will be a better year for her.

Lady Gaga

Besides the fact that she scooped almost every music award out there possible, she shocked the world with her outrageous fashion sense and even took it to another level with the meat dress she wore to the 2010 MTV VMAs. (Her “little monsters” must be proud).

M: Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey finally defied ageing odds and announced her first pregnancy with husband Nick Cannon. (she still rocks heels with her baby bump).

Miriam Makeba

The late Miriam Makeba was honoured at this year’s MTV Africa Music Awards with the Legends awards. Her contribution to the music industry in Africa has not gone by unnoticed.

N: Nicki Minaj vs. Lil’ Kim

These two females rappers seem to be at each other’s throats. Nicki started it with “Roman’s revenge” (A diss to Kim) and we are kinda still waiting for Kim to end it when she releases an album. While we wait for that, she did respond via “Black Friday” and publicly at Nicki’s home town…(let’s wait and see what 2011 rolls in for these two).

NeYo in South Africa

The American artist touched down in SA for 2 shows in Johannesburg and Cape Town. Personally it was a pleasure meeting the artist who came across as very modest and well-groomed.

O: Orlando Pirates

2010 was the year for this PSL club to end their trophy drought. After 10 years without a single trophy in their name. They ended their cup drought after claiming the 2010 MTN8 cup in a penalty shoot-out against Moroka Swallows.

Paul the octopus

Some say he ruined the 2010 World Cup with his predictions and some say he was a genius. Either way, Paul got all the attention during the 2010 World Cup right ‘til his last breath. He died weeks after the World Cup.

Pink Friday

The debut album by Young Money’s Nicki Minaj. Debates have circulated about her relevance and dominance in the industry. And while the highly anticipated album hosts hits and the question of how long she will remain relevant as her career spans.


Durban’s finest Dj who had us all dancing to his sounds. Whether you are a house music fan or not, this Durbanite will get your groove back ‘ijimaphi le weight”.

Q: Queen Latifa

She hosted the 10th annual BETs in style and reminded us of why she is still Queen. Her movie with rapper Common, “Just Wright” was exactly just that…just right!

R: Rihanna

Long hair, short hair, black, brown or red hair…this Barbados bombshell singer is still in charge of her career. Love her of hate her, Rihanna is LOUD and PROUD of it. Can’t wait to see what she has for us in 2011.

S: Siphiwe Tshabalala

South Africa footballer of the year who scored the 1st goal of the 2010 World Cup. He had quite a year, with lots of success in his career and sorrow just as the year was about to end. The passing of his mother came as a shock in the midst of all the accolades he was collecting.


What more can I say? They are the champs; no one gave them the benefit of the doubt in winning the 2010 Fifa World Cup. They surprised everyone included themselves and were victorious over the Dutch.

T: Tjatjarag

The term made famous by the ANC Youth League President Julius Malema.

Tiger Woods

The world’s best golfer drowned in shame after his secret lifestyle was made public to the world. The golfer addicted to sex, cheated on his wife for years with multiple partners soon after they got married. Now divorced, Tiger looks set to put his life back on track and stop the fooling around.

U: Usher

2010 was his year…after the release of his latest album Raymon V Raymond, Usher made it known that he is still king. The comeback kid of 2010, we expect a whole lot more in 2011. Yeah man…

V: Vuvuzela

The accessory that accompanies almost every South African soccer fan was in danger of being banned after international tourists and players complained about “the horn” during the world cup. Many claimed that the Vuvuzela was “too noisy”, “disruptive” and could be used as a dangerous weapon. Well it’s still not banned, so ya’ll can keep blowing

W: Willow Smith

You’d swear she has an album out with the amount of popularity this 10 year old has gained. She’s not letting her brother (see J) take all the shine. Celebrities across the world are whipping their hair to Willow’s hit single “Whip My Hair”.


In all honesty South Africa has failed to produce “proper” Victorai Beckham kinda-looking WAGs (Wives and girlfriends) of soccer players. I had hoped for the likes of Sonia Booth (married to Matthew Booth) to step it up an inch but still no sign of joining the WAG status.


The official 2010 World Cup song by Shakira ft Freshly Ground had everyone dancing and it is without a doubt that South African’s will never forget this song. It opened and closed the ceremony and every time it plays we (South African’s & African’s) remember the unity shared with our international brothers and sister during the world cup.

X: XtraLargeTV vs. Sizwe Dhlomo (Xciting stuff)

Twitter wars (twars) have been fluctuating on twitter throughout the year and a local clash that caught the eyes of many was the “beef” between Xolani aka “XtraLargeTV” and tv/radio presenter Sizwe Dhlomo. XtraLargeTV even wrote an open letter to Sizwe that was published on JustCurious (read it for yourself).

Y: “Yellow Bone”

The term used to describe very light skinned black people e.g Halle Berry, Joan Ramakgoshi, Chris Brown etc (personally I don’t like this term). The opposite of a “yellow bone” is a “brownie” lol

Z: Zakumi

The official 2010 FIFA World Cup mascot who rallied behind Bafana Bafana.


In Frequently used in Twitterville South Africa to put emphasis in the words “Dzie”, “Dzeal” “Dezember”…

From you girl Allegro Dinkwanyane-“I’m just saying”, so have your say…


What were your most memorable moments in 2010?

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