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A couple of month’s back I was introduced to the sounds of musician Carvalho. I received a few tracks from him and I was impressed with what I heard (not to say, there isn’t more work to be done). However, the reggae, Latin and jazz artist is well on his way to making it big in the music industry. Having worked with South African artists, Miza aka the “superhero” and DJ Nutty Nyc, Carvalho says he would still like to collaborate with more artists as his career spans internationally.

DJ Nutty Nyc (famous for his hit single “Nka mo dira”) remixed Carvalho’s song “loving you” for his album Vintage love. Carvalho also collaborated with Miza on his album  Moon Dancing on a track called “sound of life”. Furthermore, Carvalho revealed that he also recently collaborated with DJ Mthshepang on 3 tracks for his album that is due in 2011.

It’s hard not to compare his musical sound to that of Reggae “master” Bob Marley. You can tell he was inspired by the late Marley and Stevie Wonder. “The Birmingham-born artist taught himself how to play the guitar at the age of 14 when he bought his first bass. Over the years he has added the flute, keyboards, rhythm guitar and percussion to his impressive repertoire. In 2005 he formed his band “The Xtended Family”, which gigs around the UK and often appears on popular midlands station BBC Radio WM.

Besides working with South African artists, “Carvalho has also jammed with David Bowie’s bass player, Gail Ann Dorsey.

He further elaborates on what music is to him…“For me music is all about self expression, tapping into the inner senses and re-shaping them in a way that engages the listener”.

I’m not much of a reggae fan but if he continues to produce his kind of music and collaborate with artists that bring forth change in the music industry, I will definitely be a regular listener.

From your girl Allegro Dinkwanyane-“I’m just saying”, so have your say…


What do you think of Carvalho’s sound?

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  • Versifymusic

    Thanks Allegro!!!! Small correction I’m not a reggae artist more soul/ rnb. Yes reggae, jazz, Latin and hip hop are influences.

  • Carvalho

    Previous reply was from Carvalho…..:-)Fantasic article nevertheless!