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WATCH NOW: Nollywood Actress GENEVIEVE NNAJI Up, Close & Personal On CNN!!

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Happy Holidays Guys & Dolls!

Tis the season to be merry, faaaa lala, lala lala lala lalaaaa!

Of course everyone knows my love and admiration for Nollywood blockbuster actress, Genevieve Nnaji. Well she sat down with Max Foster of CNN to chat on her career, Nollywood & advice on up-coming actresses.

Genevieve and Max Foster of CNN

Peep her CNN interview:

On the recent boom (in movie premieres) and why it has taken off:

Cinema is pretty new in Nigeria. I mean it used to be back in the day but that sort of faded off. But it’s new and it’s coming back. And hopefully it comes to stay. But for now all we do is home-videos. Movies for your TV. But then we’ve had success stories like IJE and a few other movies that have been shot on film. And had to be premiered and shown in the cinema’s. It’s amazing how people have received this!

On the biggest challenge as an actress in Africa

Wow, in the beginning, it was pretty challenging because first of all, you had to…it’s not a culture that Africans, well back in the day, took to very readily. It was hard having to go through that and at the same time convince people that you know what you are doing and they should give you a chance to prove yourself. And it’s possible to do something, to be in the public eye and be an actor and still be normal. It was challenging…

On walking down the streets of Lagos, Nigeria:

I don’t walk. I drive. And I am safe.

One actor in Hollywood that you would want to work with and why

Angelina Jolie, I am a huge fan. Love her, love her, love her! Johnny Depp, amazing actor. I think he’s so intriguing. I think that there’s something so mysterious about him.

On how she discovers other talented Nigerian actors and what she does to give back to her country (Nigeria):

We have quite a number of young ones back home who are trying to be actors and actresses. And they are really working hard. But all you have to do is audition and prove yourself and believe in yourself and you will definitely have a break through at some point…What do I do to give back? I basically look out for talent. In the industry, I look out for talent. I encourage alot of producers to try out new people. And for the society, the little I can do to be honest

On advice to young Nigerian girls that may want to follow her foot-steps

I would tell them to definitely be sure, first of all.

On if she would advise them to go into the industry:

Yes, of course! [laughs] It is a wonderful place to be, especially if you love what you do, if you are sure you can do it. It is a wonderful place to be.  I would definitely advise them to believe in themselves, be true to themselves,and be sure it’s something they are willing to do and they are ready for the consequences. Because every good thing comes with consequences.

On what those consequences are?

Aaahh, you lose your priorities for starters.

What has been you biggest regret in Nigerian film?

Oh boy, regret! I hardly regret anything. I just learn from mistakes. I do not regret anything. You do the best you can at that point in time. Everything is about growth and progress and I have gotten older, so obviously you learn more. You learn everything on the job. I love my job. I don’t regret anything…

And there you have it! Genevieve Nnaji up, close and personal on CNN!

Genevieve Nnaji on her way to CNN

Bola Aduwo, Richard Quest, & Genevieve Nnaji


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Photo: Bola Aduwo (Nollywoodcut)

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