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THE GENIUS COMEDY OF LexxIsTalking – “Ubuntu, Coming To America Volume 1” Comic Book! ORDER YOUR COPY NOW!!

Hola Guys & Dolls!

Super duper excited about this new comic book that dropping TOMORROW, Friday December 17th, 2010! Think the Boondocks meet Nigeria….yeah that kinda humor and some!

LexxIsTalking Productions Presents “Ubuntu, Coming To America Volume 1

* Special guests include myself, the uber fab Saran Kaba Jones of FACE Africa, Nigeria’s sexy R&B artist BankyW, 2010 BET Awards nominee & rap artist M.I. and many, many more!!

Alexander Olukayode Ore, better known as Lexx in the entertainment industry, is a Nigerian born American based Actor, Writer, Comedian, Professional Hip Hop Dancer/Choreographer and Performer. What I heart the most about Lexx is that he has a panache (big word) for using words to paint comical pictures for his audience. Drawing from real life experiences and fictional ones, Lexx has the unique ability to use everyday life situation to bring out humor & fun….

Peep Lexx’s personal brand of comedy….

BankyW: (grey hat): Lexxxuss, what’s goodie bro? That girl is mine…

Lexx: (in black): Mr. Capable! Quit tripping bro.! You ain’t in Naija. This is not Nigeria yo! You wanna bet, she is coming home with me????

BankyW: You must not know me, bruv…

Lexx: Lets get it then…..

AdeBanke (chic with pink frock on): Oh my goodness me, they’ve started again…I’m leavin jo! Um, where is the suya man??

BankyW: Say no more bro! May the best man win!

Lexx: Bruv, are you sure this is what you wanna do??? I don’t want to embarrass you-oooo!!

Amebor.Com:  Yo Lexx, smile bro…and um, your boy Banky is going in already!!!

Lexx: – ***okay okay***…I’m going in, I’m going in, I’m going in! And I-mma go HARD!

Farai: Mmmmhhhh, two of Nigeria’s yummiest & finest brothers after me?! Tonight is going to be an interesting night!!

BankyW: Baby, I have a “strong ting” and i’m very “capable” of rocking your world…

Farai: ***blushing***…I’m listening B…

Lexx: I’m full of talent. I’m the Bubble talker, LexxIsTalking dude! I will make you laugh till you give birth to my baby, will give you some private dance sessions, I’ll sing love songs to you in Xhosa *insert click sound*…

BankyW: Girl, I will sing to you all night! I will let you be the lead girl in my videos, I’m B-A-N-K-Y-W. Choose me damnit! I need you in my life…I want you!

Farai: OOOMMMGGGG, Guys, Guys, Guys!!! Please, no fighting! Please don’t fight! Y’all are too cute! All of these chaos because of ME…..

BankyW: ***Sings to Farai*** “Yeah! Yeah girl! Yeah!….If I were blind, within my heart I could still see the beauty that is you girl…”

Lexx: He is lying-ooooooo…..419…..#FRAUD-NINJA

Farai: **in ecstasy** OMG, Trey Songz doesn’t even come close to Banky’s singing! Banky is sooo sweet!  I think dude really likes me…

Lexx: It’s a lie-ooo! He used that line on my housegal last night. Ekaete is yet to find her “time of the month” since then……Farai, L-I-S-T-E-N to me!

BankyW:  Ijo Banky Double U!!

Lexx: That’s it…I’m outta this ish…..I’m becoming an RnB singer… **where my boy Trey Songz at?**

BankyW: HaHaHaHaHa!…Yeah, hold me tight guuurl, feel all these 9 pack!!……Lexx always be testing a brother…

Farai: Daddddyyyyy!!


***What happens in New York City, stays in New York City!***

It’s all love…..3 amigos…These are my people…I heart ’em!
That from Lexx the comedian and comic writer himself! The crazy thing, is that we were at an event in Manhattan, New York City, just having fun, taking pictures, totally unscripted…and out of those pictures came the script from Lexx!
Lexx & I
Over the course of some months, Lexx honed in on his craft and consistently brought jokes through his PERSONAL and FAN FaceBook pages as well as his entertainment blog Amebor.Com! The popularity of his jokes led to the creation of his much anticipated graphic novel, “Ubuntu, COMING TO AMERICA, VOL 1.
The graphic novel is an all around comedic short story about Ubuntu’s (Lexx’s cousin) arrival to the United States of America. Lexx, Osi and Peju (Lexx’s cat) pick up Ubuntu and Ijey (Ubuntu’s goat on crutches) from the airport. Hilarity ensues as Lexx, Osi & Peju get Ubuntu & his pet goat Ijey, familiarized with their new neighborhood as they visit different parts of the Town of Rawville….

Folks, you don’t want to miss out on this action! Cop your own copy of the graphic novel by CLICKING HERE!

Book Release Party – Despues, The After Christmas Lagos Party, De Marquee, MegaPlaza, PentHouse, V.I. Lagos, Nigeria. Hosted by BankyW and Liz Yemoja on December 26th, 2010

USA Book Release Party – Feb 5th, 2011 Dallas (hosted by Pelican Entertainment)

NYC, DC and Boston – TBD


Wanna buy “Ubuntu, COMING TO AMERICA, VOL 1.”?!?




* Makes for a great Christmas gift!!

Wishing you and your loved ones a spectacular Christmas & prosperous New Year!

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