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This is PART 2 of the interview with the Repertoires, South Africa’s award winning and multi-talented urban dance group (represented by co-founder Larry and manager Makhosini).

10 months later, the group’s manager Makhosini wrapped up the interview but what’s even better is the fact that he answered all the questions I asked Larry HERE! in part 1.

Here’s Makhosini’s version of the interview (notice the slight differences?)

Drop the beat…let’s dance!


FaraiToday: How many members are there in the Repertoires?

Makhosini Sihlali: There are 12 Reps, 8 seniors on call at all times, 2 DJ’s and 1 beat boxer

FaraiToday: How do you guys define yourselves? Are you now a movement as some have referred you to?

MS: Yes we are a movement. We are more than just a dance crew. We are one of the frontlines for the new upcoming era of the entertainment industry. We don’t restrict ourselves to one sector.

FaraiToday: Who manages the group?

MS: Makhosini Sihlali

FaraiToday: How would you define your type of dance?

MS: Hip Hop is our fundamental but we are versatile so we do all other dance styles. Like we said, we don’t limit ourselves

FaraiToday: Have you guys always wanted to be dancers or was it just something that caught your eye along the way?

MS: Well this will be answered differently by each individual but we can say we all happy that we doing this together

FaraiToday: Reflect more on winning the MAMA award for best performance

MS: Wow. Thats one of our highlights. Working with Jozi boosted them and us. We made a good team so for us winning that award with them was us proving that dance and stage performances are essential

FaraiToday: What are the Repertoires inspired by?

MS: We inspire each other mainly but the anyone who is young and doing good for themselves inspires us

FaraiToday: Do you think that your dance moves are S.A orientated or are you mainly influenced by the American “pop-culture”?

MS: Both. We incorporate both dance styles then create our own unique stuff

FaraiToday: Who came up with the name?

MS: Nthato and Larry         

FaraiToday: Where do you guys see yourselves 5 years from now?

MS: Having our own studios, shows, performing alongside more international artists and grooming the next generation of the Reps. We WILL be the entertainment power house

FaraiToday: Seeing as they are no female dancers in the group, would you guys ever consider adding one, just to put that feminine touch in the group?

MS: We actually have one… her name is Zanele, we just preparing her for the big stage… so you’ll see her soon

FaraiToday: Would you consider yourselves a brand or just as a group?

MS: Brand, cause that’s what we building

FaraiToday: One word that describes the Repertoires is………

MS: Crazy

FaraiToday: When and how did your first break come through?

MS: Winning our first competition in 07 then working with Jozi then landing a deal with YoTv

FaraiToday: Are you full-time dancers for the group Jozi?

MS: Not anymore

FaraiToday: Who do you think is the best dancer of all time?

MS: Who else but the great Michael Jackson

FaraiToday: Usher or Chris Brown?

MS: Lol we’ve debated about this so many times. We’d say, foot work it has to be Usher.

FaraiToday: Speaking of Chris Brown, how did it feel like for you guys to dance alongside him?

MS: GREAT! He is a great performer and it was so good to learn from him and to share a dance floor with him

FaraiToday: Who else have you performed with?

MS: Just to name a few, Slikour, Jozi, Da Les, Chris Brown, Shugasmakx

FaraiToday: Your biggest success so far has been………….

MS: Performing overseas

FaraiToday: How many times a week/month do you guys meet to practice?

MS: About three times a week

FaraiToday: How do you decide which move is best and for which dance?

MS: Well certain people specialise in certain dance areas, so depending on the song or performance those people will be the front liners in putting that particular routine together

FaraiToday: Any embarrassment’s thus far?

MS: A few boo-boos on stage lol…

FaraiToday: What kind of music influences your dancing?

MS: Anything that has a good beat and we can move too

FaraiToday: If you could perform with any artist around the world, who would it be?

MS: Lady Gaga, Usher and Beyonce. They are phenomenal performers

FaraiToday: Besides the dancing, what do you guys do as a group and as individuals?

MS: Some are studying, djing, radio, TV and business such as Real Estate

FaraiToday: Performing at the SAMA awards must have been awesome for you guys, what was the mood when you got called up?

MS: We actually got to choreograph… So that was wow! Everyone was excited and nervous

FaraiToday: How different is the audience at a corporate function and your regular audiences?

MS: Regular audience goes CRAZY and we mean CRAZY! They always the best to perform for cause you can see they really appreciate what we doing. Corporate- less people screaming and going wild but you can see their appreciation

FaraiToday: How do you handle the groupies?

MS: They are fans… so anything to make em feel appreciated cause they are.

FaraiToday: Club hopping is somewhat of a job to you guys, it’s more of your office, do you enjoy and what’s the best club you guys have ever been to?

MS: Yea we do… we love socialising…  Venues that get transformed into something different and amazing like the Turbline

FaraiToday: How do you handle success?

MS: Work harder!!!

FaraiToday: Has anyone of the members hurt themselves while trying a dance?

MS: Yep!!

FaraiToday: Your motto is…………

MS: Live the way you dream and dream the way you live

FaraiToday: Would you ever consider opening a dance academy?

MS: Yes, we actually looking at doing that

FaraiToday: Your advice to the South African youth, (who are trying to make something of themselves), be it in entertainment or any other field is…

MS: Like our motto, Live the way you dream and dream the way you live

FaraiToday: Any advice for the young up and coming dancers……

MS: Dance to express……then impress. Don’t do it for the hype or fame


 And it’s a wrap! Spoken like a true manager Makhosini…LOL #justsaying

 From your girl Allegro Dinkwanyane-“I’m just saying”, so have your say…


Whose version of the interview do you prefer? Larry or Makhosini???

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