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Drop the Beat………….Let’s dance!!

10 months ago (4th January 2010) I had a telephone interview with one of the Repertoire’s group members and co-founder Larry Ntlhane. The Repertoires are South Africa’s most noticeable “commercial” urban dance group based in Johannesburg. The super talented award winning dance group have shared the stage with some of the finest local and international artists including Akon, 50 Cent, Chris Brown and South Africa’s very own Jozi. Simply put, they dance to the beat that defines who they are!

I have had numerous encounters with the group, and just from looking at their attire I could tell that they are movers and shakers of their own movement. Larry and their manager Makhosini Sihlali reflect on behalf of the group about their success, awards, girls, club hopping, corporate gigs and the South African Music Awards (SAMAs).

The interview is divided into two parts. The first part with Larry (who cut our interview short in January for a dinner date #enuffsaid). The second part with Makhosini, who kindly completed the interview last month.


FaraiToday: Hi Larry

Larry Ntlhane: Hey wassup

FaraiToday: I’m very well and yourself?

LN: Ah man, I’m good yeah…just getting ready to go out for dinner.

FaraiToday: Oh! Okay…then let’s make this quick

LN: Yeah…

FaraiToday: How was the group founded?

LN: Oh, that’s a long story but to cut it short I’m the co-founder along with Nthato Malete. What happened was that I was in my own group and he was in his. We used to compete in the same competitions and both our groups were so good that at times it would be a draw between both groups. So at the end of the day we decided to stop competing against each other and merge, hence the formation of the Repertoires.

FaraiToday: Interesting…and how many members are there in the group?

LN: In total we are 16…12 dancers, 2 DJ’s, a beat boxer and a rapper.

FaraiToday: Who came up with the group’s name, the Repertoires?

LN: Ofentse, formerly with the group came up with the name.

FaraiToday: Who manages the group?

LN: At the moment we have two managers; Makhosini and Michael who both help us grow.

FaraiToday: How does the group define itself?

LN: We refer being known and defined as entertainers

FaraiToday: How do you define your style of dance?

LN: We can’t be classified into one genre; we as a group don’t classify ourselves.

FaraiToday: Ok! Do you think your dance moves are South African orientated or are you mainly influenced by the international “pop-culture”?

LN: We have tried to mix a bit of both (the American pop-culture and a sense of African culture), as well as the hip-hop culture.

FaraiToday: Have you guys always wanted to be dancers or was it just something that caught your eye along the way?

LN: We all had a talent for dancing but we loved also have special talents…

FaraiToday: Like?

LN: Well I’m into radio; the others also do their own things like model, rappers, businessmen etc

FaraiToday:  Can you reflect on winning the MAMA (MTV Africa Music Awards) award for best performance?

LN: It was a crazy feeling. There was never really an award for dancers but for once it wasn’t about music but about dancing. It was one of the biggest highlights of our lives to be on such a platform.

FaraiToday: Amazing! So where to from here?

LN:  Oh wow, launching an academy, entertainment sectors and becoming media moguls!

FaraiToday: Well then, would you consider yourselves as a brand or as just a group?

LN: Yes! Definitely a brand, it carries something behind us. It’s something that we’ve always worked towards.

FaraiToday: Seeing as they are no female dancers in the group, would you guys ever consider adding one, just to put that feminine touch in the group?

LN: Well now we have 3 female dancers, after all we do need that female element.

FaraiToday: Great! Can’t wait to see them

LN: Yeah, they are gonna blow you away…

FaraiToday:  One word that describes the Repertoires is…

LN: Energetic!

FaraiToday: When and how did your first break come through?

LN: Our first breakthrough… We have had so many moments and we took every moment we had as a break through to make it work.

FaraiToday: Are you full-time dancers for the group Jozi?

LN: No comment!

FaraiToday: LOL! Okay…Who do you think is the best dancer of all time?

LN: Michael Jackson

FaraiToday: Usher or Chris Brown?

LN: 50/50 but personally I would go with Breezy

FaraiToday: Speaking of Chris Brown, how did it feel like for you guys to dance alongside him?

LN: That was crazy! One of our highlight moments; it was an opportunity of a lifetime. We didn’t actually believe it but it was great!

FaraiToday: Who else have you performed with?

LN: The Game, Ludacris, Keith Murray, JR and Sugarsmax (excuse the spelling, lol)

FaraiToday: How many times a week/month do you guys meet to practice?

LN: We are always together, we almost like a family guarding the little ones. Actually we are one big family who hangs around each other a lot.

FaraiToday: How do you decide which move is best and for which dance?

LN: If it looks dope (cool), we all jump on it and make it our own. We just make it work!


Just as I was close to wrapping up the interview, Larry ended it for me. Like he said, he had a dinner date to attend to! (I can’t let a brother miss a date now can I?)


The groups manager Makhosini gives his version of the interview and wraps it up in PART 2.

From your girl Allegro Dinkwanyane-“I’m just saying”, so have your say…


What do you think of the REPERTOIRES?

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