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Babies, Babies, Babies Everywhere!! Ohio Couple Gives Birth to Sextuplets!

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Hi guys & dolls!

Loving this & wanted to share with you all…

The McGhee family

According to BV Black Spin:

The proud parents, Mia and Rozonno McGhee, arrived at the hospital in a stretch limo to pick up their six bundles of joy. The babies had been kept at the hospital to make sure that they were healthy.

At birth, their combined weight was nine and a half pounds. “Our concerns early on, of course, were what everyone’s were…respiratory status, fluids…how well their digestive system was working,” said nurse Monica Terez.

According to the McGhees, the babies are all doing well; they are eating, sleeping, and wetting diapers.

The babies are the first set of sextuplets born in Ohio, so they were subjected to quite a bit of fanfare, starting with the hospital personnel, who gave them a party before they left.

The McGhees certainly have their hands full and are relying on friends, family and church members to help them with their new brood. The infants currently go through about 300 diapers a week, 48 bottles a day and more formula than anyone can count. Thankfully, there are church members who have also volunteered for night duty as well, so the babies will be covered 24/7.

The McGhees have also been deluged with baby gifts and will attend yet another baby shower at a local church center on Sept. 25, which will cover their babies’ remaining needs.

Less than 200 deliveries of sextuplets have occurred in the United States.


How adorable are those babies?!? Speak on it…


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  • Mambokz

    YIkes!!! They are soo adorable!!

  • MatuziCrew

    @Mambokz is this who I think it is?You are everywhere but I agree they are cute.

  • Amaryah78

    I’d love to know how they got this picture done with all the babies asleep. Love it!

  • Wadzanayi

    oh my goodness, the Lord is amazing…. i cant stop looking at the awesome photo……priceless!!!!

  • Jojoruffin

    They are going to need all the help they can get!! SIX!! Amazing.

  • Dcongo

    The most beautiful thing I have seen in a long time, who ever came up with the pose very brilliant idea, god bless u all



  • Ms. M

    Yes, they are cute. Six bundles of joy. Relish this moment, one day they will be sixteen!!!!

  • Cpsocr4us4

    Why didn’t we ALL hear about this when they were born? The 1st black sixtuplets and I just heard about it …. on OPRAH! Love, love, love the family portrait …. so sweet! And, it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving mother and father. I am so happy that I got to meet them …. thanks OPRAH!!!

  • Smiling

    I can’t stop either, really loving this pic.

  • Ana

    How are all these babies sleeping at the same time?

  • Jayla43

    The babies were already sleeping so they placed them around their parents.

  • Ryder Mauer

     What a happy family! Everyone looks so comfy and happy together. The babies look very cute!