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A couple of months ago I met Sdumo Mtshali, famous for his victory in Class Act “the last man standing” competition, in essence a search for South Africa’s best young up and coming actor (exclusive to men only). I introduced myself and before I knew it, our conversation had turned into an interview. (Lol, yes! I did the interview in the club…don’t judge!). I used my “highly advanced” phone to record the interview in the mist of all the music and buzz and it turned out pretty well. Sdumo was kind enough to put down his drink for a couple of minutes, so I wasn’t complaining.

Sdumo Mtshali

Now the reason I decided to post this interview now, is purely because Sdumo is part of the cast of InterSexions, “a unique episodic drama series with 25 independent but interrelated stand-alone episodes that follow the AIDS infection chain”. Intersexions is made by Curious Pictures in affiliation with Johns Hopkins Education SA and SABC Education with funding from USAID and PEPFAR”. InterSEXions airs on SABC 1 every Tuesday at 20:30pm.

Sdumo plays the character of “DJ Mo” who is infected with full blown AIDS as a result of denial and promiscuous behavior.


FaraiToday: How do you think you are going to evolve as an actor after winning Class Act?

Sdumo Mtshali: well the thing is about the show…it was almost like a boot camp, so going overseas and meeting people who are experienced in the field will enhance my craft. It’s the most important thing for me and after learning all I can, I want to bring it home. We have so many stories in this country that we got people from overseas telling our stories. So I’m happy that somehow I’ll be one of those people who for once, as a South African play a Mandela. I’m from Durban and we have so many stories down there that people haven’t heard.

FaraiToday: As an actor, are you only interested in the acting part of the business or is there something else that you would like to do?

SM: Besides film acting I also want to venture into film making. It’s a big deal for me and being in Class Act has taught me so much. It wasn’t just me who had to learn but also the producers and directors. Every day with every role we learned something new.

FaraiToday: During Class Act you were tested with different characters and the audience saw you struggle with your lines a couple of times. How was the transition from one role to the next?

SM: It was hard because every Saturday we were given a script but didn’t know what role we would play. We only had Sunday to lean our lines and Monday we shot. So it was up to you to just bring everything out and pull all the stops. I gave 90% and the 10% I just left it up to God.

FaraiToday: was there ever a point where you thought the judges were too hard on you?

SM: Yeah, well it was important not to take their criticisms personally. Most people thought I hated Tau (Rapulane Seiphemo), but I didn’t. Every time after the show, I would always go up to him and ask him what I can do better and what I could work on.

FaraiToday: By the looks of Rapulane’s facial expressions on the final night, for a second I thought you were going to lose. What were thoughts of the judge’s comments on the night?

SM: I’m used to criticism and I’ve been critised for years and years and what it does is that it builds you. So I thank Tau (Rapulane Seiphemo) for that and especially Thandeka, the producer. Every time I saw her I would always ask for constructive criticism from her and she did exactly that. As for that night, I was nervous (laughs), in fact too nervous to even pay attention to the judge’s facial expressions.

FaraiToday: would you ever consider theatre/broadway?

SM: Honestly, my icon is Denzel Washington and he has done it all, so I would love to do broadway onetime. I’ve done theatre for 9 years so at the moment I’m loving film and I would like to concentrate on that. Film is where my heart is, as a young boy I always used to ask why I couldn’t act in films. Now that I have the chance, I’m not gonna stop ‘til I achieve my dream.

FaraiToday: Are you ready for your move to the USA?

SM: Oh! My goodness! I’m so excited but at the same time I’m trying to stay calm you know?

FaraiToday: How would you encourage young upcoming actors in South Africa?

SM: All I can say is that you know what? It’s hard but most importantly, go to school! That’s number one! Find out where it all begins, because at the end of the day the industry is still too broad. I’d also encourage them to study their craft and know where it all began. Many people haven’t done it and because of their natural talent they make it but that doesn’t mean that the same will happen for everyone. I know a lot of black parents don’t encourage their kids to study the arts, they see it as a waste of time and failure. However, my family was always there from day one they never stopped believing in my talent and they encouraged me to continue nurturing it.

FaraiToday: how are you handling the attention so far?

SM: Oh wow! A lot of people come to me and they ask about the fame and all that but I always say “it’s not about the fame for me. It’s more about the art! It’s about finding who you are, that’s the most important thing for me”.

I don’t know how long his character will last; as it stands “DJ Mo” is laying on his death bed. However, do keep watching as InterSEXions promises to keep you entertained and informed.


Catch InterSEXions every Tuesday at 20:30pm (straight after soap Generations) on SABC 1.


From your girl Allegro Dinkwanyane-“I’m just saying”, so have your say…


Do you think Sdumo will make it far in the industry?

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  • Uzanenkosi


    “Intersexions is made by both Ants Multimedia and Curious Pictures in affiliation with Johns Hopkins Education SA and SABC Education with funding from USAID and PEPFAR”. InterSEXions airs on SABC 1 every Tuesday at 20:30pm.”

    Original Creator of InterSEXions & Ants Multimedia Executive Producer

  • Mmaphuti

    yes, he will, you can see that he have it all. He made it out of so many guys and he showed the potential. He have talent this guy and i wonder where have he been all along?but i believe this came out at the right time, you go Sdumo n represent us, you going far my man with us young SAs behind you.

  • Neliswaj

    yeah ofcourse,whn u mention his name…talent,aptitude etc…comes to mind….u go sdumo and make us proud man……