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Justin Bieber

Here’s a little something on a lighter note to digest. So this past Wednesday teen sensation Justin Bieber (who was recently on vacation in South Africa) dropped a bomb on his followers on Twitter and fans all across the world. He introduced to “us” his alter-ego who goes by the name of “Shawty Mane”.

As if being Usher’s protégé wasn’t enough publicity already, he went on to post a twitvid (a video posted via Twitter, for those of you who are still not up to date with Twitter…lol). In the video Shawty Mane raps “Speaking in tongues freestyle … who knew i could rap lol … my alter ego rap name is Shawty Mane … hah,”. Funny enough he also follows the trend followed by many rappers which is to diss or start “beef” with someone else. In his case Shawty Mane takes on Tom Brady (the guy who was recently mocked for sporting a Bieber hairdo, lol). So Shawty Mane breaks it down like this while smoothing down his “iconic hairdo”: “Hello Mr. Brady / Tell him to leave his hair to the guy who sings ‘Baby.” Well one things for sure, with connections like Drake and Kanye…Justin won’t have any problems hooking Shawty Mane up! LOL

Word is he’s also launching his own line of nail polish targeted obviously at his female fans (how sweet). I don’t know how well this will work for Shawty Mane’s “street cred” but more on this on another day.

I’m guessing this is more like Shawty Mane…

All I can say about Shawty Mane is “bring it on”…Justin Bieber is just banking on his every move. So whether he’ll be singing or rapping to the bank (or both)…he sure ain’t stopping now!

Happy Friday eerrrrbody!!! :-)

From your girl Allegro Dinkwanyane-“I’m just saying”, so have your say…


What do you think of Shawty Mane?

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  • Mukite

    I hope this kid doesn't lose it along the way…

  • Allegro D

    Hey Mukite, I hope so too hey…But so far so good! He's cashing in